RJW Engineering Launches New Health & Wellness Campaign

RJW Engineering, a Nevada-based manufacturer, launched a $14 million Health & Wellness campaign. The campaign offers 5,000 Septor 7 Hyper Water Systems free of charge to residential pool owners in the U.S.

Many lifestyle choices and environmental factors put healthy individuals at risk of compromised immune systems, thereby increasing the potential of infection from coronaviruses. RJW Engineering is taking a proactive approach to lower exposure to pesticides, toxic chemicals and by-products in pools and spas that can compromise the immune system.

RJW Engineering manufactures Septor 7 Hyper Water Systems to manage the water chemistry of contained water in volumes ranging from 500 to 500,000 gallons. Hyper Water Systems require no chemicals or metals regulated as pesticides by the EPA commonly used in pools and spas that can compromise an individual’s immune system. This Health & Wellness campaign is designed to encourage swimming as a best practice for cardiovascular fitness and aerobic exercise without exposure to pesticides and toxins.

In light of repeated threats from coronavirus and similar diseases, particularly to at-risk individuals with compromised immune systems, RJW takes a proactive approach to alert the public of lifestyle choices that preserve the safety of swimmers by eliminating chemicals that can be potentially harmful. By-products of chlorine disinfection have also been linked to potentially damaging effects to the cardiovascular system, harmful impacts to the respiratory system and a weakening of the immune system.

Septor 7 enables pool owners to eliminate pesticides in yet another aspect of their life, thereby preserving health and safety for adults and children. Septor 7 units will be offered in the U.S., free of charge, to 5,000 residential pool owners. Pools up to 28,000 gallons are eligible. Contact Septor 7’s sales office at (844) 773-7867 to register for a free unit. Installation by a third-party licensed contractor is required.

RJW Engineering has dedicated 3 decades to the development of Hyper Water Systems. This revolutionary water-management system designed for pools and spas eliminates the use of toxic chemicals in pool water. The Septor 7 technology disperses hydrogen ions that eliminate all bacteria and precisely manages perfect pH and alkalinity. Call today and sign up to receive your free unit.

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