ASP Raises Money for OneWorld Health

America’s Swimming Pool Company has been committed to clean water since its founding in 2002. Today, with more than 100 franchise owners serving in over 400 cities across the U.S., the brand is proud to announce it's using its connection with clean water to give back to those living without access to clean water.

ASP launched the first Day of Giving campaign for its Clean Water Matters movement on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019, raising over $50,000. The total amount raised goes directly towards funding a clean water source for the hospitals of OneWorld Health, a South Carolina based non-profit, bringing sustainable healthcare to East Africa and Central America.

“We feel a responsibility for improving the world we live in,” says Stewart C. Vernon, founder and CEO of ASP. “This is why we are dedicated to building awareness and promoting a cause we feel so strongly about.”

Both ASP and OneWorld Health believe your birth country should not determine your ability to access basic healthcare. Since 2017, they have joined forces with OneWorld Health to bring clean water to the healthcare setting of the developing world. ASP encourages its customers to donate through a website that was created specifically for this cause, This website is filled with information about ASP’s partnership with OneWorld Health, and how making a simple contribution of $25 can help save lives. Every $50,000 raised is one clean water source for OneWorld Health’s hospitals.

“We are so thankful for the support we have received from our loyal ASP customers, franchise family and friends,” says Vernon. “Together, we are working to continue our mission to raise $500,000 to provide a clean water source for 10 new OneWorld Health hospitals.”

Safe water is essential for human life. Over 780 million people do not have access to an improved water source, and 5 million people die each year due to diarrheal disease as a result of unsafe drinking water, inadequate availability of water for hygiene and lack of access to water for sanitation.

Join ASP and OneWorld Health in creating a better, cleaner future on National Day of Giving on Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019.  To learn more about Clean Water Matters and how you can become a social ambassador, visit Everyone is invited to give and help advance the movement by sharing the conversation on social media using hashtags #cleanwatermatters #aspcares #aspgives and #givingtuesday

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