Pleatco’s Perfect Pool Guys and Gals Near the Finish Line

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The finalists for the Pleatco Perfect PoolGuy and PoolGal Award have been announced after much deliberation. They will be on hand for the virtual awards ceremony that begins at 7 p.m. ET on Nov. 19, broadcasted live from Pleatco's brand new production facility in Louisville, Ky. Register for the event here.

AQUA has been featuring each finalist in its e-newsletter. We continue that coverage with the industry professionals below.

To view the other list of finalists, click here.



Juan Delgado 1JUAN DELGADO
Juan Delgado is always willing to lend a helping hand. Recently promoted to field supervisor, he took on the responsibility of implementing a digital record-keeping program for maintenance, allowing his company to eliminate paper records and transmit data to clients. Juan has incredible attention to detail and is dedicated to taking his time at every pool he maintains.


Marine Corps veteran Josh Fletcher entered the pool industry after completing his deployment in Afghanistan. Now, with 20 years of experience under his belt, what started as a summer lifeguard job has become a life-long passion. Beloved by his community, Josh would do anything for his employees and customers.


Paula Nezat takes customer service to the next level. As service manager, she’s committed to ensuring a positive experience and has become the most-reviewed employee in the history of her company. Responsive and helpful, Paula goes out of her way to advise and accommodate her Texas-based customers — especially as they recovered in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


Bob Charlton 1BOB CHARLTON
Bob Charlton’s customers know they can trust him to take care of their pools as though they were his own. Proactive and reliable, Bob has built strong foundations of trust with all of his customers — not to mention one customer’s parrot, who has apparently decided that Bob is her boyfriend.


David Metzger 1DAVID METZGER
David Metzger humbly juggles a heavy workload with ease — you’ll never hear him complain, and you’d be lucky to catch him taking a break. After starting out as a young pool tech, he moved from automatic cover installations and pool builds to his current position managing a pool service company in California. Knowledgeable and helpful to both customers and colleagues, David gives the industry all he has.


Trish Mendenhall has nerves of steel. After encountering a diamondback snake on a recent job, she calmly scooped it out of the pool and returned it to the Arizona desert. Those problem-solving skills and a sharp ability to diagnose and repair issues on-site sets Trish apart from the rest. She has worked in a variety of industry roles, always bringing a warm smile and attention to detail.


Shannon Sellers is a creative force in her pool community. Always on the pulse of the latest products and trends, she has a strong will and creative mind to dream up beautiful pool areas. Whether it be a giveaway, “do’s and dont’s” or project progressions, Shannon has lots of great ideas up her sleeve and loves to share them with others. She goes the extra mile to spread positivity in her pool community.


Bryan Zettle (middle) brings a selfless compassion to the industry. His family pool business holds Make-A-Wish jobs in high regard after their daughter — now part of the business as well — battled childhood leukemia. Most recently, Bryan and his son restored a local fountain to help bring their community back together.


Matthew Boranian is the definition of integrity in the pool industry. Committed to the responsibility of protecting his clients, Matt is honest when it comes to maintenance and repairs and consistently prioritizes safety. More often than not, he works seven days a week to tirelessly ensure that his clients never see a lapse in quality.



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