The Pool Spa & Aquatics Alliance Announces New Executive Director

The Pool Spa & Aquatics Alliance announces David Atencio as the new executive director. Eileen Benjamin, former executive director of The Alliance, stepped down due to unforeseen health concerns. Benjamin and Atencio are communicating during the transition to ensure the momentum of the past several months continues.

Atencio brings over 20 years of industry experience, most recently as the chief operating officer of Athlete Training and Health in Houston, Texas. He is an experienced member representative and skilled at nurturing a values-based team environment. His knowledge of multi-site and multi-facility operations, as well as his expertise in organizational vision casting and business operations management, will serve the interests of The Alliance membership.

“Atencio has a wealth of national and international experience in the fitness and aquatic industry,” says Thomas Lachocki, CEO of NSPF. “I am fully confident he will pick up where Eileen Benjamin left off and cultivate growth for our members and the industry.”

“I am thrilled to see the value The Alliance is bringing to the pool, spa and aquatics industry," Benjamin says. "I will be cheering from the sidelines as it continues taking shape and will remain wholeheartedly connected and supportive."

“Benjamin gave us a boost of energy and ideas for growth in her short tenure,” says Jerry Wallace, chairman of the board for The Alliance and CPSA. “She is a delight, easy to work with, effective in her efforts and a captivating representation of a member association. Thanks to her investment and the engagement of our members, our future is bright. Our thoughts and prayers are with Benjamin on her journey to recovery.”

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