Bluetooth Ducky, You're the One

Wf Edwin The Duck 2 0216 Feat

W Fedwin 2 0216 Sm

It was only a matter of time before rubber ducks joined the wireless revolution and became much more than squeaky little bathtub buddies. Meet Edwin, a sweet yellow tubby duck that can sing any song on your smartphone!

Part interactive bath toy, part wireless speaker and part night light, Edwin is a good deal smarter than the rubber ducks we grew up with. He can make more than 180 noises, including the sounds of flapping wings and ruffling feathers. He can hum a tune through his waterproof speaker. Give him a friendly dunk under the bubbly waves and his humming changes to gurgling!

When tub time is over, Edwin recharges at his dock on your child's nightstand, doubling as a soft glowing LED nightlight that can be tinted to almost any color. As he is connected to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, he can even read a soothing bedtime story to put your little tot to sleep.

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