This Would Be So Cool, Dude

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What if you could roll out of bed, step outside your apartment and right onto your surfboard for some early morning wave action? Just another surfer's pipe-dream? Maybe not!

An architectural firm has recently proposed this "surfer's paradise" be built in the Australian city of Subiaco, a suburb of Perth.

The city has been exploring what to do with its aging and obsolete football stadium, the Subiaco Oval. Instead of closing and demolishing the crumbling cultural icon, MJA Studio has reimagined the former site as a mixed use complex centered on a man-made surfing wave pool, which would be like, totally gnarly and bitchin'!

The proposal comprises several components: a large water-body surrounded by elevated public space; a permanent marketplace, hospitality and an Australian Rules Football hall of fame on the ground floor. Apartments would be inserted between the ground floor and the public space, making the structure a unique lifestyle center where most of the elements of everyday living ‚ÄĒ domestic life, exercise, outdoor relaxation, shopping and entertainment ‚ÄĒ would be contained within a single complex. The complex (as an existing stadium) is already integrated with public transport.

As designed, the apartments would be sunny and breezy with private and public balcony space allowing residents to choose their level of interaction with the rest of the development.

Admit it, dude. That would be epic.

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