APSP Combines Efforts with CPSA

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The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals announces additional support to bolster the efforts by The California Pool and Spa Association, specifically in Southern California, as the industry continues efforts to educate local policymakers and regulators and the public about water use by pools and spas to ensure that proposed water restrictions do not adversely impact the pool and spa industry.

APSP has retained California-based national lobby firm Nossaman to work in close coordination with the CPSA and represent the industry’s perspective before city councils, water districts and other local jurisdictions, as regulations are developed to address California’s ongoing drought. For more than 70 years, Nossaman professionals have been working with water districts and companies across California to provide practical approaches to water policy.

“APSP is excited to partner with CPSA to support and expand their excellent drought education and outreach efforts,” says Rich Gottwald, president and CEO of APSP. “California tends to set the tone for other states. We support responsible efforts to address the drought, and hope to send a message to other states as well that pools, spas and hot tubs are not water wasters.”

“For the past 18 months, CPSA has been at the forefront, defending the swimming pool, hot tub and spa industry against unwarranted regulations and educating public officials on the fact that pools and spas don’t waste water. With more than 700 water districts and 400 cities and counties with jurisdiction over water-use issues, CPSA has taken on this Herculean effort with the support of its members and contributors," says John Norwood, president of CPSA. "There is still so much to do going into what is expected to be a long hot summer. As such, we very much appreciate the support of APSP to help get our message to policymakers, the media and consumers.”

APSP will directly fund this additional regulatory work in Southern California. Gottwald also announced plans to use funding from the World of Recreational Water Foundation to increase its support of the ongoing public education campaign promoting water conservation and facts about water use in pools and spas through CPSA’s Let’s Pool Together campaign.

"By contributing to the World of Recreational Water Foundation we can generate needed resources to support ongoing consumer education about the drought while also providing contributors (or members) with an opportunity for a tax deduction, which is very attractive for companies of all sizes,” he added. “Beginning today we will encourage the industry to contribute through the World of Recreational Water Foundation.”

For more information about California drought relief efforts, contact CPSA. To make a tax deductible donation to the World of Recreational Water Foundation visit APSP.org/WRW or contact Lisa Grepps.

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