The Aquaduck Churns Ahead

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Like a duck, gliding on a quiet pond, we at AQUA have been serenely making our way through 2015 without undue wake. For all the world, the No. 1 pool and spa magazine on cruise control, effortlessly turning out great stories on retailing, building and service work.

But when you look below the waterline, the duck is anything but serene. Its legs are churning furiously, reaching and grabbing the water in its little webbed feet and pushing it behind to drive the body forward. So it has been with AQUA.

Behind the scenes, for some time we have been vigorously working on changes meant to advance our product and make it more enjoyable to read.

This summer, we begin rolling out these changes, starting with our completely redesigned website, which many of you have already noticed. There are not just cosmetic improvements here, but rather dramatic upgrades in functionality.

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Start with its simple, comfortable feel — drag your browser open wide, all the way across the screen. The pictures are big; the look is clean. Just viewing the site makes you relax.

But more important, the new site is much easier to use. We asked countless professionals in our industry what they were looking for in a magazine and a website, and everyone said the same thing: I want stories about my particular part of the business.

They pointed out the obvious — that the pool and spa industry is highly segmented, and contains a great variety of disciplines, from repair, retail and remanufactured spas to construction, chemistry and cover installation. And mostly, the people who, say, manage retail are looking for stories on … retail management!

So we made the site much easier to navigate. You can easily move to your area of interest, whether that's retail, construction, service, spas, pools, safety issues, legislation, and on and on.

You will also notice the site has a new logo. Could that signal a print redesign is coming as well? Those duck feet are still churning. Stay tuned.

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