May 2019 New Products

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Spring into pool season with new pool and spa products. From the Coral Manta 3000, a drowning detection system, to a new line of fountain effects from Fountain People, it's raining new products this month.



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Natural Chemistry
Green Aid provides amazing cleanup results when used prior to shock treatment with an EPA-registered chlorine that kills green algae. Green Aid provides fast and reliable results — often without the need for scrubbing. It is not affected by high levels of cyanuric acid and works in water conditions with higher pH levels, unlike other treatment programs. Green Aid is great for pools with salt chlorine generators and can be used with all pool surfaces. | (800) 753-1233



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Easily meet water bonding safety requirements with Pool Defender Water Bond Inground Skimmers. Since 2008, the National Electrical Code mandates that pool water must be electrically bonded. The Pool Defender Water Bond Skimmer with integrated water bond meets NEC requirements as a water bonding device and is certified to the UL Standard. Water bond skimmers are available for vinyl and gunite new pool constructions. | (800) 733-9060



Orr 519 Aq Coral Detection Systems Sm

Coral Detection Systems
Coral Detection Systems introduces the Coral Manta 3000, a drowning detection system for inground and aboveground residential swimming pools. The device, which is solar powered, is a self-installed system that uses artificial intelligence technology and an advanced algorithm to detect risk of drowning. An underwater video camera analyzes the underwater scene, tracking swimmers 24/7. Alerts and notifications are sent to a smartphone device anytime someone enters the pool or is at risk of drowning. It also provides in-home indication and alarms, offering real-time images on demand. | (888) 567-0356



Ovv 519 Aq Hearth Products Controls Sm

Hearth Products Controls
Introducing the new Bluetooth Electronic Ignition High Low Series from Hearth Products Controls. With the touch of a smartphone, users can control power, flame height and even set a timer that will automatically turn the fire pit off. This gives the end-user the convenience of smartphone control with Bluetooth technology as well as a diagnostic dashboard to maintain peak performance. | (937) 436-9800



Ouu 519 Aq Fountain People Sm

Fountain People
Fountain People has added a new line of fountain effects to its popular Fountain-in-a-Can series. The new FIAC-1000 provides a single-piece construction that is designed, engineered and fabricated as a pour-in-place assembly containing a flush mount spray effect, 360-degree low voltage LED light fixture, internal throttling valve and ADA compliant grate. The assembly can be utilized for plaza style water features or may be used for interactive splash pads. Fountain-in-a-Can allows for multiple options for water effects within the same housing. Patterns include vertical water columns, crown jets, shower jets and arching streams. Effects may operate simultaneously or may be sequenced independently. | (512) 393-5263



Oxx 519 Aq Roll N Vac Sm

The Roll-n-Vac Industrial Extractor is essential equipment with powerful performance, the company says. It is built with an industrial-grade vacuum motor and fits all contractor-grade steel wheelbarrows. The extractor is able to remove 200 pounds of sand and water in under three minutes, making sand filter changes fast and easy. It cleans muck from the bottom of pools, can be used as a blower and is able to move water at a constant rate of 2 gallons per second, 120 gallons per minute. A full line of replacement parts are available for servicing. | (607) 785-7664



Ott 519 Aq Crescent Sm

Crescent, a premiere brand from Apex Tool Group, introduces its new Crescent Lufkin Shockforce and Shockforce Nite Eye tape measures with patent-pending, two-sided blade design and an industry-leading 14 feet of standout. The compact design features metal roll bars to protect the lock button against drop impact damage, while the simulated diamond-coated end hook provides 50 percent more hook grasp to prevent surface slippage. The dual-sided print combined with enhanced print size provides a superior green-on-matte black blade to be seen in any light condition. Available in 16-foot, 25-foot and 35-foot options. | (800) 621-8814



Oyy 519 Aq Stain Drop Sm

Stain Drop
The Stain Drop All Purpose XpH phos-free-stain remover is a powerful product formulated to prevent and remove stains, discoloration and scale caused by metals and minerals. It is highly chlorine tolerant and works in a wide pH range, making it ideal for pool openings. When used according to directions, the product is safe and compatible with all pool surfaces and sanitizing systems, including salt pools. Available in 1 quart, 5 gallon and 55 gallon sizes for all commercial pool applications. | (800) 333-0400



Bbb 519 Aq Thursday Pools Sm

Thursday Pools
Thursday Pools now offers a Beach-Entry Fiberglass Pool. The Beach-Entry starts at zero with a 6 1/2-degree slope that extends out 15 feet. This patent-pending product was created to meet consumer demand for resort-style pools while helping pool professionals sell and install more fiberglass pools this summer. Available in both freeform and rectangle shapes in multiple sizes to accommodate most backyards. | (877) 929-POOL



Ozz 519 Aq Sviac Sm

The SVIAC Heavy Duty Tablet Press is specially designed to make swimming pool tablets. It has a robust and simple press and is able to produce 200 tabs per minute. | 01 55 59 91 11



Aaa 519 Aq The Outdoor Great Room Company Sm

The Outdoor GreatRoom Company
The Kinney Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table is designed for outdoor entertaining and relaxing with its 12-inch-by-24-inch UL-listed crystal fire burner and contemporary ultracompact surface top. Its low-profile base is constructed of black powder-coated metal for lasting outdoor durability. Place the matching burner cover on top for a functional coffee table or store in the base when the burner is in use. The convenient magnetic access doors keep a 20-pound horizontal liquid propane cylinder with OPD tank concealed during use. An optional glass wind guard, folding wind guard and protective cover are sold separately. Made in the U.S. | (866) 303-4028



Ccc 519 Aq Water Shade Sm

Water Shade
The Water Shade Canopy Float Kit's patented design allows a pop up canopy to sit safely on a body of water to give swimmers shade. The kit includes four inflatable pods (made of durable PVC vinyl), an air pump and a tether system for anchoring, all of which are easily stored in a nylon tote bag when not in use. The inflatable pods securely attach to each of the canopy leg stake holes of most standard canopies. Attachment is made with a custom designed quick flip clip to secure each pod to its canopy leg. After use, it is easily removed by reversing the process when the canopy is out of water. It also allows the canopy to attach to an existing anchor. Also available is the Water Shade Wind Anchoring System, which utilizes nylon mesh bags that attach at the bottom of each pod and fill with water to protect the canopy from unexpected wind conditions. | (480) 729-2410



Oss 519 Aq Core Covers Sm

Core Covers
Core Covers is proud to announce that its spa covers can now be ordered in Weather-shield fabric — a new, 100 percent solution-dyed polyester that offers several benefits over traditional vinyl covers. It is 70 percent lighter, three-times stronger and weighs 25 percent less than traditional vinyl fabric. Weather-shield provides superior tear and abrasion resistance and is made from recyclable materials. It is currently available in three colors: black, mahogany and grey. All Weather-shield covers are highly resistant to UV, mildew and mold. | (855) 763-7450



Oqq 519 Aq Coast Spas Sm

Coast Spas
Coast Spas Manufacturing Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its new 21-foot swim spa, the 2100 VE. With a wide enough shell to accommodate two bathers swimming in tandem, Coast's new swim spa is North America's largest swim spa and most competitive on the market, the company says. Its vanishing edge provides the swimmer and bather with an obstructed view from the waterline. This model also includes dual therapy walls, dual 24-inch waterfalls and 67 luxury stainless steel massage jets. | (604) 514-8111


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