Smart Technology for Water Testing

Cellphone On Raft In Pool 618 Feat

Three-quarters of Americans have a smartphone, according to Pew Research Center, and the average service technician is no exception to this rule. With a supercomputer in your pocket, it makes sense to use it for one of the trickiest parts of pool maintenance: water balancing. These software programs and apps can help.



Rb Controls 618 Sm

RB Retail and Service Solutions
RB Water Lab Sync connects your point-of-sale software with industry-leading water testing software such as BioGuard ALEX Pro, LaMotte DataMate 10 and Home Port's the Wave. This interface gives users the ability to look up past water test results directly from the point of sale software. Also eliminates duplicate entries of customer names and addresses. | (866) 933-9099



Pf W Test Hach1 618 Sm

Hach's DPD Pro test strips are a quick and easy method to test water quality in commercial pools and spas. Accurate results for seven key parameters appear in less than 90 seconds. DPD Pro is certified by NSF for free chlorine and pH and meets regulatory requirements where DPD is required for chlorine testing. Download the free DPD Pro app to calculate the saturation index value and store, track and export test results for up to 200 pools. | (970) 278-4951



Pf W Test Connected Yard 618 Sm

ConnectedYard, a Hayward Industries Company
pHin takes the guesswork out of pool and hot tub maintenance by combining a Wi-Fi-enabled smart monitor and mobile app that monitors water chemistry and temperature 24/7. Pool and hot tub owners are notified via smartphone when they need to take action. Customers receive recommendations on how to balance their water by adding the exact retail chemicals needed. | (844) 692-4772



Pf W Test Taylor Technologies 618 Sm

Taylor Technologies
Taylor Technologies' sureTRACK Service Test Strips contain 250 test strips individually foil-wrapped to provide extra protection from air and moisture. Test strips can be matched to the color chart on the instructions or by snapping a photo with the free sureTREAT phone app, which sends treatment recommendations in a flash. | (800) 837-8548



Pf W Test Industrial Test Systems 618 Sm

Industrial Test Systems
The eXact iDip Smart Photometer System is a Level 1 NSF/ANSI-50 certified water testing system that utilizes two-way communication with a smartphone or tablet. With its many features, the app is the brain of the system. Now available for Apple Watch, it syncs data between iOS devices, including Apple Watch, to view customer data, perform tests and save the results to history. | (803) 329-9712



Ooa 1015 Aq 618 Sm

The Sutro Smart Monitor floats in the pool and continuously measures pH, free chlorine and alkalinity. The monitor connects to the Sutro App, which can be accessed on any smart device and offers analytics about the pool's water chemistry. When the water falls out of balance, users are notified and given chemical dosage recommendations. Integrates with Amazon Alexa. | (415) 299-8082



Pf W Test La Motte 618 Sm

LaMotte Company
The precise photometer on the WaterLink Spin Touch water analysis lab can measure 10 different water balance parameters in just 60 seconds. All test results can be viewed on the touchscreen or can be transferred to LaMotte's DataMate water analysis program, which provides step-by-step treatment instructions and stores test history in the cloud. | (800) 344-3100


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