January 2018 New Spa and Pool Products

Artesian Spas 0118 Tile

Welcome to the new year! Ready to make a splash with new products? Check out what’s new in the industry, including these five new hot tub models, a decking system, fire pit and more.


Artesian Spas 0118 Sm

Artesian Spas
Artesian Spas has seamlessly integrated its world-class exercise pool with a hydrotherapy spa to create the Dual Temp FitSpas, which are part of the Tidalfit line. Your customers can choose the spa size and features that best fit their needs while enjoying a separate pool with the temperature maintained independently of the spa. Can be installed aboveground or semi-inground.
artesianspas.com | (702) 307-5124



Hhh 917 Aq 0118 Sm

PDC Spas
The redesigned Luxury Series delivers performance and style in five unique models featuring a sleek, digital touchscreen control, LED lighting, cascading waterspouts and Accenture two-tone cabinet design. The five seat Malibu includes a sculpted lounge, 40 air jets, 57 adjustable therapy jets, pressure-side filtration and a powerful 10-hp system. Made in the U.S. and backed by a 35-year warranty.
pdcspas.com | (800) 451-1420



Pentair 0118 Sm

The ETi 400 High Efficiency heater uses Titan-Tough titanium with a direct fire heat exchanger design that resists corrosion. This 400,000 BTU heater has a 96-percent thermal efficiency rating. Built with ASME-certified construction, the unit offers ultra-quiet operation and is easy to install both indoors and out. The unit offers fast heat-up times, easy category-IV venting and air intake and a 180-degree rotating control panel for left- or right-plumbing connection.
pentaircommercial.com | (800) 831-7133



Royal Spa 0118 Sm

Royal Spa
Royal's hybrid line of hot tubs features an optimal combination of technology, innovation and common sense. After consulting with physicians, Royal modified its Hybrid models for enhanced therapeutic benefits, making it an ideal choice for those with chronic pain and specific hydrotherapy needs.
royalspa.com | (800) 541-1248



Maytronics 0118 Sm

Just plug in, place in the pool and press power. Dolphin S 300i has dual-scrubbing brushes to clean away dirt, algae and debris. When it's finished, simply remove the top-access filter basket and rinse clean. The S 300i also comes with a two-year full warranty.
maytronicsus.com | (770) 613-5099



Focus Industries 0118 Sm

Focus Industries
Featuring improved flex mounts, heavy-duty commercial mounts and newly designed head options, these barbecue lights are LED ready and built to withstand the rigors of home or commercial applications. They feature four mounting options: deck mount, clamp mount, quick connect and portable weighted base. LED options available for both 12 volt and 120 volt.
focusindustries.com | (888) 882-1350



Waterfall Creations 0118 Sm

Waterfall Creations
Waterfall Creations' standalone Boulder Fire Pit is ready to plug and play in any outdoor living space. This product features a 12-inch stainless steel fire ring that incorporates either glass or lava rock, and fire is created with a hook-up hose for propane. The unit measures 63 by 48 inches, stands 15 inches tall and weighs 300 pounds.
waterfallcreations.com | (888) 717-3100



Four Winds Spas 0118 Sm

Four Winds Spas
The Caribbean III by Four Winds Spas is equipped with a Balboa touchscreen control system, three 5 hp pumps, 85 jets and 100 square feet of filtration. Loaded with extras, the spa is comfortable, stylish and timeless. Includes a premium 5-by-3-foot cover, elite cabinets and a state-of-the-art insulation package.
fourwindsspas.com | (615) 220-8879



Smartop 0118 Sm

SMARTOP Vanish uses an integrated hydraulic cover-lifter system to position the SMARTOP cover to the sides of the spa, making it "vanish" from view when open. The product requires 25 inches of clearance behind the spa. An impermeable, rigid polymer exterior guarantees zero water absorption. Comes in multiple colors and a new déco series finish. Made in the U.S.
smartopcover.com | (888) 965-6694



Ipssa Book Cover 0118 Sm

Chemistry expert Robert Lowry, on behalf of IPSSA, has written the new "IPSSA Intermediate Training Manual 2017 Revised Edition Part 1 - Chemicals." This revised edition has current information on algae, borates, advanced oxidation process, saturation index, advanced water treatment techniques, advances in water testing, pool startups and more. Original illustrations, tables and graphics and captioned chemical formulations accompany the text. The manual is available to IPSSA members for $24.95 and non-members for $49.95.
ipssa.com | (888) 360-9505



Reno Sys 0118 Sm

RenoSys offers custom logos available for the RenoSys PVC Pool Shell. Custom logos can be any size and shape and are crafted from a 60-millimeter thick, custom-textured and reinforced PVC material, which is applied on-site. PVC Pool Shell Custom logos are textured, nonabrasive, slip resistant and pore-free for ease of maintenance. Ideal for high-end residential, HOA, semi-commercial and commercial installations.
renosys.com | (800) 783-7005



Sr Smith 0118 Sm

S.R. Smith
The Velocity and Legacy Starting Block series are now available with a dual-post frame. The models are made from commercial grade stainless steel, powder-coated to provide extra protection. Both models come with a 28-by-32-inch footboard (fiberglass for Velocity, acrylic for Legacy) that can be customized with color and logos. Both blocks are ordered with a RockSolid anchor and are compliant with FINA, USA Swimming, NCAA, NFSH and USMS competition pool rules and guidelines.
srsmith.com | (800) 824-4387



Pen Fabricators 0118 Sm

Pen Fabricators
Pen Fabricators' Clean Seam offers a technological twist on conventional, RF vulcanized vinyl liner welding. Clean Seam eliminates the traditional raised extrusion edge on the vinyl liner weld that catches and traps debris and algae — it virtually eliminates the groove on the seam that bathers feel with their feet. Made in the U.S. for over 47 years.
penfab.com | (800) 359-5350



Aqua Finesse 0118 Sm

AquaFinesse recently redesigned its hot tub kits and 2 liter bottles of Hot Tub Water Care Solution. The updated Hot Tub Kits are good for three to five months of spa maintenance using patented AquaFinesse technology, which proactively cleans and conditions water. Full-size kits contain two two-liter bottles of AquaFinesse solution, measuring cup and sanitizer — either bromine tablets, trichlor tablets or dichlor powder. Full-size All-Purpose Kits with filter cleaning tablets instead of sanitizer are also available.
aquafinesse.com | (704) 838-8111



Contro Lo Matic 0118 Sm

ControlOMatic now offers a T22 version of the Pool Warden controller for compliance under California's Title 22 law. The controller measures pH, ORP, temperature and flow. The single-pool model includes three output relays, and the dual-pool model includes six output relays. Wi-Fi and ethernet options connect to a computer to view current status and change settings.
controlomatic.com | (530) 205-4520



Automatic Pool Cover 0118 Sm

Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Cover's Heavy Duty Atlas Brackets ensure the deck is supported over the automatic pool cover box. These brackets support large concrete and stone lids over 600 pounds. The brackets are coated with E-Coat — an environmentally-friendly protective layer made from organic resins meant to shield the brackets from wear and chemical exposure. Available in four different lengths (11 to 24 inches) and suitable for all automatic pool cover needs.
automaticpoolcovers.net | (800) 878-5789



Catalina 0118 Sm

Catalina Spas
The Dual Temp swim spas provide the relaxing benefits you expect from a hot tub with the health benefits of an exercise system. The 21-foot Dual Temp features six seats, including a lounger on the spa side. The fitness side incorporates a cool water therapy chair and stand-up body massager.
catalinaswimspas.com | (407) 732-7909



Rico Rock 0118 Sm

RicoRock improved its Loveseat Grotto — a structural waterfall kit mortared together for a one- or two-day installation. Concrete backfill of the back wall creates a structurally sound platform that can be used as a jump platform. The new 9-foot wide grotto piece allows for the installation of a bench up to 6 feet in length.
ricorock.com | (888) 717-3100



Leisure Concepts 0118 Sm

Leisure Concepts
Leisure Concepts created the SpaCaddy as a handy, safe place to put cell phones, beverages and more while keeping them within easy reach. The SpaCaddy measures 27 by 19 inches and is made of sturdy, reinforced resin polymer. The tray is placed on an aluminum post that swivels for easy access. Uses one composite mounting bracket with eight screws. Mounts to any spa. Made in the U.S.
leisureconcepts.com | (800) 469-2428



Deckorators 0118 Sm

Deckorators Vault and Frontier decking lines are made with no organic materials to make it strong, lightweight and stable. The result is a fibrous 7⁄8-by-5 1⁄2 -inch composite board that looks and works like wood. Both lines are capped with polypropylene for a stain-, fade- and scratch-resistant surface. Each line is available as a slotted-edge profile or fascia, and work with Deckorator's Dexerdry weatherproofing system. Colors include brown, light brown and gray.
deckorators.com | (800) 332-5724



Spabex 0118 Sm

The SpaBEX Waterproof Audio Transducer provides 70W of improved bass performance and clarity along the entire frequency spectrum. With a durable IP68-certified, waterproof construction, the SpaBEX is ideal for all spa, bath and sauna installations. SpaBEX is REACH compliant for European requirements. Includes a mounting plate.
spaspeaker.com | (805) 794-6475



Fox Pools 0118 Sm

Fox Pool
FoxGard provides fusion-bonded protection against corrosion. An alternative to galvanized steel, a special powder covers the panel and is fusion-bonded at 400 degrees. Protection continues over welds, corners and edges, and is resistant to chipping and cracking. Comes with a lifetime warranty against panel corrosion.
foxpool.com | (800) 723-1011


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