April 2015 New and Updated Spa and Pool Products

Delta UVDelta UVwww.deltauv.com(866) 889-8765

The new Pro-D series by Delta UV was created to make it easy for pool pros to hardwire the UV unit directly to the pool's controls — this way, the pump and UV unit can be turned on simultaneously. The easy-to-install unit doesn't require a pressure switch or a pressure gauge. Ideal for renovation projects; it can be added onto any pool. Made in the USA.

LathamLathamwww.lathampool.com(800) 833-3800

Latham's exclusive Ultra-Seam process makes floor seams stronger and virtually invisible. New for 2015, Latham will be applying its Ultra-Seam process to all vertical wall closures as well. Ultra-Seam enhances the look of whichever liner pattern you choose, because the seams will be virtually invisible on the pool floor as well as above the waterline. Ultra-Seam is standard on all Latham liners at no extra charge.

Rico RockRico Rockwww.ricorock.com(888) 717-3100

Rico Rock, makers of cast concrete rock for use in swimming pool applications, is now offering a new, pre-cast coping for vinyl liner pools. Known as the 3x9 Inch Coping, this new product is comprised of eight pieces of lightweight cast concrete artificial rock that is mortared in place to cover 6 feet of bond beam. Created to meet the growing demand by consumers for rock treatments around pools, this new coping creates an old world look that complements the company's waterfalls and boulders. Perfect for pool renovations and particularly well suited for vinyl liner installations. Available for immediate shipment.

Kayden ManufacturingKayden Manufacturingwww.poolbladder.com(201) 880-9898

Developed by Kayden Manufacturing for the pool professional, the Pool Bladder is a simple-to-use, high capacity, temporary water storage unit.  Use these ultra-portable units when doing a liner change, resetting a floated liner, or anytime a pool needs to be drained for maintenance. It can also be used to stage water for new construction of fiberglass and liner pools. The Pool Bladder sets up in seconds, breaks down in seconds, and stores easily. It is an incredibly economical way to salvage pool water and quickly move on to the next job. The Pool Bladder usually pays for itself in three uses.

Pentair Aquatic SystemsPentair Aquatic Systemswww.pentairpool.com(800) 831-7133

The newest SuperFlo and SuperMax VS pumps feature 115/230 volt capability and a real-time 24-hour clock, eliminating the need to purchase and install a separate timer. Their digital keypads display current time of day, duration of the current program, speed in RPM and watt usage, which allow pool owners to monitor and maximize energy savings. Designed for pools requiring pumps up to 1.5 hp, these units bring the remarkable energy savings of variable speed technology to a broader segment of the market while saving up to 80 percent in energy costs, the company says. Energy Star certified.

Bel-AquaBel-Aquawww.myownpoolstore.com(914) 235-2200

Bel-Aqua Pool Supply is pleased to offer pool professionals the ability to quickly set up a private label e-commerce site for pool companies of all sizes with its new product called "myownpoolstore.com." Pool professionals are often too busy to set up a website for their business, so Bel-Aqua has simplified the process by creating an easy-to-use content editor to pick and manage the products you want to sell to your customers. The templates are pre-loaded with images, brochures, parts and diagrams which feature flexible and easy price set-up. Orders are automatically processed through the site with immediate customer notifications and the ability to view and manage orders and invoices from a mobile device or computer, 24/7. Bel-Aqua will even work to customize the website design and help set up targeted email campaigns, coupons and specials.

ControlOMaticControlOMaticwww.controlomatic.com(530) 205-4520

ControlOMatic is now offering the MiniWarden, a pH and ORP controller with many features not found in lower-priced chemical controllers, the company says. ControlOMatic controllers measure the chemical values in the water and continuously deliver the corrective chemicals exactly when needed. That makes it ideal for managing changes in water chemistry as they happen, such as a change in bather load or water temperature.

Water TechWater Techwww.watertechcorp.com(800) 298-8800

Using lightweight components, Water Tech has engineered the Pool Blaster Pool Pouch, a convenient way to organize toys and inflatables. The Pool Blaster Pool Pouch easily hangs on the side of above ground pools, walls, fences, gates, etc. The convenient handles allow all pool accessories to be easily transported and stored away. The Pool Blaster Pool Pouch now features side pockets on both sides for easy access and storage of actively used items like goggles, swim fins and more.

PoolBuoyPoolBuoywww.mypoolbuoy.com(210) 858-8205

PoolBuoy is the first and only floating pool umbrella. With 7 feet of UV-rated fabric and a ballast design that stays upright even in wind and waves, PoolBuoy lets your customers stay in the shade wherever they float. PoolBuoy features a rust-resistant aluminum ballast, five cup holders and a lightweight design that's easy to carry, assemble and store.

Hayward Pool ProductsHayward Pool Productswww.haywardindustries.com(908) 351-5400

Hayward has expanded its line of automatic pool cleaning products with the introduction of two new suction pool cleaners, the AquaNaut 200 and AquaNaut 400. Available respectively in two- or four-wheel drive models to accommodate any pool size or shape, the new automatic cleaning solution has patented, self-adjusting turbine vanes to ensure maximum power at almost any flow, along with effortless debris management, making them ideal cleaners for use with variable speed pumps.

DryCASEDryCASEwww.drycase.com(888) 600-0379

DryCASE, which produces waterproof gadgets and accessories, is excited to announce its latest model of waterproof headphones: DryBUDS Free Flow. These earbuds are 100 percent waterproof and submersible at depths up 10 feet. Users can use the Free Flow to connect music wirelessly via Bluetooth, making it easy to swim without tangled cords. In addition, the Free Flow features a built-in waterproof microphone so users can make and take calls from the water.

Spec Chem DirectSpec Chem Directwww.specchem.net(425) 443-0082

Spec Chem Direct, the chemical manufacturer that sells its products directly to brick and mortar dealers and service professionals, has added a new phosphate remover to its product line called Starver X. This proprietary solution is a unique blend of rare earth compounds and complex polymers that effectively reduces high phosphate levels quickly to "starve" algae growth. Compatible with all sanitizer systems and available for immediate shipment.

King TechnologyKing Technologywww.kingtechnology.com(800) 222-0169

The new Flippin' FROG XL offers fresh mineral water for pools up to 10,000 gallons that's cleaner, clearer and softer than standard treatments, the company says. This unique mineral and chlorine system floats in the pool and flips over when it's time to replace the chlorine cartridge every three to four weeks. Prefilled cartridges mean there's no mess, no guessing and repeat cartridge business for retailers.

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