Santa Monica Deemed Rental Home Hot Tub Capital

photo of a dock on a lake or ocean | John Wollwerth
photo of a map with Santa Monica marked

Statistics for hot tub use are always a bit hazy, but interesting to ponder, so here’s another vague data point that will surprise no one. The rental listings website Zumper has reported that Santa Monica has the highest percentage of rental homes with hot tubs in the nation. (As a wealthy suburb in Southern California, the largest market for hot tubs in the nation, the claim has found few skeptics.)

Zumper determined the stat based on the listings on its website that note hot tubs as a feature. That is perhaps not the most scientific approach to creating a statistical chart, but it is one of the latest attempts in a growing trend of real estate websites and blogs that rate cities based on various categories.

According to the website, 4.5 percent of Santa Monica’s rental homes feature hot tubs, approximately six times the national average and .6 percentage points higher than runner-up Chicago.

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