INFOGRAPHIC: Tradesmen in Demand

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National Tradesmen DayLately, the AQUA site has served as a hotbed of powerful discussion on the state of the pool and spa industry. A few examples: I wrote a blog post about the need for college education among pool and spa pros, aquatic designer Mark Holden wrote an interesting response and our own Vance Gillette wrote a compelling piece directed to the young professionals in our industry. 

Friday, Sept. 20 happens to be National Tradesmen Day. An initiative from IRWIN Tools, the purpose of the holiday is to raise awareness for the skilled tradesperson and the important role they hold in society: to build and to keep things running smoothly.

Of course, the pool and spa industry is filled with thousands of such tradespeople, all of whom have the same goal: to keep everyone’s pool and spa running smoothly. In other words, “to keep everyone happy.”

In honor of National Tradesmen Day, IRWIN created a really enlightening infographic that gets at the heart of our recent discussion on AQUA. Just a few insights:

  • Only 6 percent of high school students consider a career in the trades.
  • When considering average salary, tradespeople out-earn those with a 4-year degree — and don’t have the burden of student loan debt to weigh them down. 
  • For every three tradesmen who retire, there’s only one person qualified to replace them. 

When put in perspective with pool and spa pros, many of whom are struggling to find employees for building roles and service tech positions, the importance of the younger generation seems greater than ever. What do you think? Comment with your thoughts below. 

To see the full infographic, click here. And to learn more about National Tradesmen Day, click here

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