I Voted For The Flag

Scott Webb Headshot

Scott WebbI’m sure you noticed the cover of the magazine this month — the American flag in the form of a hot tub.

We always have a number of cover candidates, and we get together in a meeting every month, lay them out next to each other and choose the one that moves or inspires us or that we think is the most beautiful.

As we gathered these possible cover shots, I started thinking about the flag again and what it represents. I haven’t done that in awhile.

And the best insight I’ve ever seen into who we are at work anyway, is the response to the State Of the Industry survey.

We send this thing out every year and we ask all kinds of personal questions about people’s work lives, and I’m always amazed at the intimate and honest replies. Hundreds and hundreds of short, simple testaments to everyday life. I read them all slowly; there’s not one syllable of BS in the entire document.

People type out statements like, “I do everything I do for my family and my employees. Everyone depends on me and that drives me personally. Also, I actually kind of enjoy the pool business :-)”

And, “I am one of the few privileged folks that loves what he does. I wake up every day knowing I am doing what the good Lord made me to do. The happiness and togetherness I bring to families every day — that’s why I’m here.”

This was my favorite of the whole bunch: When asked why you do this job, one respondent said, “Because it’s our family business. Because those darn kids expect to be fed daily. And because I’m good at it.”

What these people — our colleagues and co-workers — are really telling us is not so much what they think of the industry or the work, but what kind of people they are.

I’m proud to work with them. And of what they represent.

So the stars and stripes won the cover contest pretty easily, and I voted for the flag.

As the weeks roll on, keep checking back to the AQUA site as we reveal our findings and profiles. It'll be worth your while. 

Scott Webb

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