Feedback: Get Smart

Matt, you always have great information to share, and I think that adds weight to your arguments ("The Importance Of Educating Your Pool And Spa Customers," a blog posted March 14). If we, as professionals, appreciate your education — why wouldn't our customers, the consumers?

As a manufacturer, I feel responsible for educating all corners of the industry — from distribution to retailers, service professionals and builders, solar installers and, of course, the end users.

I try my hardest to do this through weekly emails to each segment of the industry, in addition to blog posts, social media networking, videos and, essentially, anything that I can make work for me. Education is truly key.

If anyone is interested in seeing the various resources that I have tried/continue to use, please feel welcome to send me an email: [email protected].

If you check out my blog, ( you will find that I jumped on the Matt Giovanisci fan-wagon a long time ago and was lucky enough to get him to share a guest post or two! Thanks Matt!

Monique Nelson

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