Why AQUA Offers Two Versions Of Its Cover

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Scott WebbAs editor, you'd think I would know what is on the cover of the magazine. But I don't. It may be an enticing indoor pool with gorgeous exposed Douglas fir beams, or it may be a snowy Lake Tahoe hot tub scene.

You've got one or the other.

As some of you have noticed, we recently started double covering AQUA Magazine. Just as the coaches in the upcoming Super Bowl feel that two defensive backs are better than one when covering a great receiver, we felt that two magazine covers are better than one when jacketing a great publication. (Really had to stretch to get that Super Bowl reference in there, but it was worth it.)

One cover represents our commitment to our hot tub retailers and the other shows our love of the pool industry.

It's a small thing, I know, but it demonstrates our philosophy of steady improvement and our effort to provide you with a magazine you might like just a little bit better.

We are always trying to do that at AQUA, and if you look closely, you'll find examples of this over the last few years: there's the introduction of the popular (and quickly imitated) State of the Industry issue, a dramatic upgrade to our website combined with bi-weekly E-news, and most recently the launch of AQUA Architecture, a magazine within a magazine that showcases the some of the finest residential pool design and construction in the world.

If that sounds like a bit of shameless self promotion, remember it's almost Super Bowl week. Self-promotion is part of this uniquely American tradition. You'll be hearing a lot more of that before Super Sunday rolls around.

Scott Webb

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