The editor on AQUA's Web site redesign

Kirstin Pires When I first joined AQUA, we worked with an outside company to create and maintain And for the most part, the Web site did the job it was designed for. But if there's one word that describes the online environment, it's change, and making changes was not something we could easily do to the Web site.

A few years ago, the smart people who run Athletic Business Publications, AQUA's parent company, started building a Web department within the company. We had to be patient as our trio of Web colleagues redesigned the Web sites for other magazines in our family, but now it's our turn. In the very near future, an all-new design will greet you when you visit, and I want to share a few of my favorite features of the new site.

You'll be able to search our article archive using keywords and a search engine that will search the entire content of the articles. At present, the search engine only scans headlines and brief descriptions. This will make the archive far more valuable as a research tool. Additionally, our Web department is working on optimizing our archive for search engines like Google or Yahoo, so general Internet searches will find relevant AQUA articles more easily.

We're going to add a page to the site where you can easily submit information about a project you're particularly proud of. Our editors will review these projects for possible inclusion in features or other sections of the magazine. We're also working on automating much of the AQUA Choice and AQUA 100 entry procedures with an eye to streamlining the process.

One thing that won't change is our hope that readers will use the Web site as a complement to the magazine and as a resource for building better businesses. As always, we welcome your input. Don't be shy. Let us know what we can do for you.

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