Safe At Home

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For an industry that supposedly doesn't like to talk about safety, we sure are talking a lot about safety.

We don't generally publish "themed" issues at AQUA, but as I read the features, articles and items that went together to make this issue of the magazine, the idea of safety kept coming to the forefront. Of course Barrett Kilmer's interview with industry safety expert Dr. Glen H. Egstrom sets the tone for the topic, discussing safety in no uncertain terms, and the product focus section that follows provides readers with all the tools they'll need to implement the layers of safety that Dr. Egstrom so clearly describes.

But it seems that manufacturers and builders are incorporating safety into a full range of products and practices as well. In researching and writing my story on variable-speed pump motors, I learned that one of the advantages of the new breed of digitally enhanced pumps is their ability to self-monitor and actually switch themselves off when they sense a problem.

As you read Becky Strauss's story on luxurious accessories for aboveground pools, you'll learn that one of the main selling advantages for some accessories like decks and stair systems is enhanced safety.

Through the efforts of many in the industry, the message about safety is getting out there, slowly but surely. I think that helps all of us sleep a little better at night.

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