The greening of the pool and spa industry

Jenna DanningerIt's safe to say when what appears to be a trend transcends its "15 minutes of fame," it has become something much more - a way of life. Living green has surpassed its cool connotation, with some thanks to its time in the Hollywood limelight, and moved well into a much-sought-after standard of living in the new millennium.

When I moved to Madison from Orlando in 2004 I was in complete culture shock. Never had I seen so many people on bicycles, commuting to work to decrease the amount of unnecessary toxins entering the atmosphere. Shoppers with their canvas bags dotted grocery stores, politely asking cashiers to save the paper or plastic for someone else. And ads for 4-by-4-foot plots in community gardens dominated the classifieds.

Earth-friendly notions ruled the city, and I was on the outside. Green is a way of life here in Madison, sometimes feeling like the only way of life. And for someone who wasn't used to the lifestyle, I had a lot of to learn.

As a huge proponent for education, I truly believe the only way to understand is to learn for yourself, and as we put together the pages AQUA's second annual green issue, it's been another eye-opening experience for me. I've had the pleasure of speaking to many professionals in the pool and spa industry these past few months about their take on the green movement. From energy efficiency to sustainable products to reducing a manufacturer's carbon footprint, the industry has taken hold of something greater than itself and adapted to a movement that's become an expected way of life.

It's inspiring to hear and see that passion for bettering the world. As you read through the pages of this special issue, I hope you bear in mind that there is always room to learn something more, no matter who you are.

I challenge each of you to take a few moments this month to open the magazine and really see how the industry has taken a trend and established it as a permanent part of the culture. There's no doubt about it, greener pastures are here to stay.

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