Reasons to attend regional pool and spa industry trade shows

Kirstin PiresBut I'm not so foolish as to talk politics here, so let's talk tradeshows!

There is now only one major national trade show servicing the industry in the United States, the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo. For the time being, anyway, it lives in Las Vegas. While it's an impressive show in size, representation and quality, the cost of attending annually - measured in dollars and time spent away from the business - may be prohibitive for some in this economy.

I would argue that time and money spent on improving your business is always well invested, but if travel to the Pacific time zone is out of the question this year, don't worry! Regional shows are growing and improving all over the country and there's probably one near you. And while nothing compares to an expo where the whole industry gathers, regional shows offer benefits of their own. Here are just a few possibilities

  • A regional show will usually cost less to attend, which can allow you to bring more of your employees.
  • You may be able to spend less time away from your business.
  • Regional shows may offer more emphasis on regional challenges; you probably are not going to find a lot of information on frost heave at the Florida show, as an example.
  • The company representatives you meet at a regional show are more likely to be the folks you'll work with in the future.
  • Regional shows have dramatically improved their education and certification offerings over the past few years.
Don't get me wrong - I'm not suggesting that you should skip the show in Vegas. But if Vegas just isn't on your calendar this year, do make sure you check out your region's tradeshow. It will be time and money well spent.
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