Internet Marketing For Pool Companies

It’s important for all businesses to have an online presence, and a great website and strong Internet marketing is a great way to bring in more leads. This is even more significant for businesses like swimming pool companies, where the value of getting a new customer is much higher than average.

People are spending more time online every day. Potential customers especially like to find home improvement companies — including pool builders—online, so make the most of the Internet with these tips.

Content And DesignHaving relevant and useful content on your site is essential to attracting and retaining visitors. Make sure to include information readers want to know, like the services and products you provide and the costs you charge. Use language they can understand and engage the reader with images or video. This will get potential customers excited about hiring you to build them a pool. At the very least, it’ll get you on some short lists.

Your website should show a positive image of your brand, and the best way to create that is through customer reviews and testimonials. These endorsements give potential customers an idea of your company’s strengths and accomplishments, and the fact that the praise is coming from existing customers gives it added credibility.

You can also write a blog to share industry specific knowledge, answer some common questions and help readers learn about pools and spas before they commit to a large investment. This information can help take the mystery out of pool-buying and builds trust in you and your brand.

The design of your website is equally important — it’s a reflection on the company. Keep it simple and concentrate on the visual; information should be easily accessible but shouldn’t crowd the home page. With just one click of the mouse, potential customers should be able to navigate from the home page to find exactly what they are looking for.

Also, beware of graphics and videos that take a long time to load. Internet users are not noted for their patience. Sites should look good and have great photos of pools, but don’t overdo it with Flash. Frequently check external links and make sure they are actually working.

Address The Mobile WorldThe percentage of traffic coming from mobile devices is steadily increasing, with some industries getting as much as 30 percent of their website traffic from people who are searching with a smart phone. You can respond to this trend by implementing a true mobile website to supplement your regular site. By making your site compatible with mobile phones, you’re expanding the reach of your business, and probably positioning yourself as more tech-savvy than your cross-town competitors.

Know SEOBlogs are an easy way to increase your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), because blog posts generate a lot of specific content. You can also write and submit articles to article marketing websites to get more links back to your website, which builds credibility for search engines. Register on local and major online business directories—like Angie’s List—to increase SEO.

Your website title also contributes to SEO. Include information in the title that will get you indexed in Google and put you on the top of local searches. Key words like “pool” and “spa” are important. You can also include your location to increase your standing in local search results.

Online AdvertisingUtilize pay-per-click (PPC) advertising online to market your website. With PPC, advertisers pay the search engines only when their ad is clicked. You can also bid on keyword phrases relevant to your target market, like “pool” and “hot tub.” To optimize PPC, spend enough on the ads to move them higher on the Google and Yahoo search result pages, increasing the number of people seeing the ads.

Social MediaThe rise of social media has been staggering, and its ability to impact your business is immense. Linking to as many social networking sites as possible helps bring traffic to your website, which is the ultimate goal in any Facebook or Twitter strategy. You can also use these pages to promote specials or sales. Visit relevant blogs and post a comment with a link to your site below other’s postings.

You can hire outside help for your website, but it’s important to find a company that has the industry knowledge and marketing background to not only drive traffic to your site but convert visitors to customers. Once you’ve found the right fit, listen closely to that outside source. Make sure they know the end result you seek, but be adaptable and roll with the changes they might recommend.

Burns Smith is a WSI Internet Consultant and WSI Area Representative who has worked with many pool and spa companies such as Paradise Pools ( He can be reached at (888) 853-4449 or [email protected]. Visit  for more information.

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