A Community Water Proposal

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Although Stockholm is a city of Swedish Islands, the beaches and quays that line its outskirts oftentimes go unused by the public. Currently, access to baths and saunas is limited in most parts of Stockholm, and a long train and high car bridges are the only means of transportation along the shorelines.

Due to these limitations, Anders Berensson Architects made a community proposal — the goal of which was to connect Stockholm's islands and shorelines, making them more accessible for public use. This proposal was further commissioned by the Stockholm Center party.

Specifically, the architects wanted to take advantage of Stockholm's unique lakeside location and create hot and cold bathing opportunities in various neighborhoods by building small swimming rafts and saunas. They wanted to add pedestrian and bicycle bridges to the already existing car and train bridges, as well as small, openable bridges to connect Stockholm's various islands.

Through completing this proposed project, the public would be able to move between the islands without having to take long detours via noisy, elevated roads, as well as they would be able to bathe on a more frequent basis.

The five overarching goals of the community proposal include:

No. 1 — Place swimming rafts in Stockholm where there are no nearby bathing facilities, such as on the eastern part of Kungsholm and Södermalm.

No. 2 — Place small, cold bath houses — with a sauna and a staircase to the water — along several of Stockholm's quays.

No. 3 — Build floating football fields at Liljholmskajen, Söder Mälarstrand and Hornsbergs strand.

No. 4 — Make new pedestrian and bicycle connections by utilizing the existing built structures at Årstabroarna, Liljeholmsbroarna, Skansbron, Västerbron and Tranebergsbron.

No. 5 — Build an openable pedestrian and bicycle bridge between Masthamnen and Saltsjökvarn.

Although these five goals would take a lot of time and resources, the outcome would unite and benefit the Stockholm community, a proposal nothing short of honorable.

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