Vinyl Lines and Designs: 2021 Vinyl Liners and Systems Product Focus

Ozz 221 Aq Latham Tile

Vinyl liner pools offer faster installation times, a smoother feel and a world of customization options. Thanks to innovation over the years, these days, the design possibilities are almost endless. Check out the latest in vinyl liners and systems below, featuring a variety of colors, patterns and thicknesses.



Ozz 221 Aq Latham Sm

Latham Pool Products
Latham is excited to introduce its new Seaside Penny Mosaic liner pattern.This configuration offers a classic architectural blend of blue and white pool tile design, combined with the company's recently-introduced penny mosaic wall and floor. All Latham liners are fabricated using Ultra-Seam technology, making seams stronger and virtually invisible. Additional patterns can be viewed using Latham's Liner Visualizer tool at | (800) 833-3800



Eee 221 Aq Tara1 Sm

Tara Manufacturing
Enchanted is one of seven new pattern designs Tara is adding for 2021, featuring a unique hexagonal tile floor and a horizontal glazed tile border. The Enchanted pattern incorporates greens and turquoise colors, expanding the color palette for vinyl liners and giving pools a spa-like appearance. This product comes in 20 mil vinyl and is well-suited to pool designs featuring complex shapes and tight corners. For installations featuring vinyl-covered stairs and benches, Fort Walton Beach can be ordered in SureStep, the company's textured surface vinyl. | (866) 725-8272



Aaa 221 Aq Loop Loc Sm

LOOP-LOC has added nine exclusive patterns to their line of luxury liners, including Palm Springs, Oceania, Pacifica, Timeless, Mandala, Honu, Mahalo, Cambridge and Bengal Bay. All of LOOP-LOC's designer patterns are manufactured with CLEAR-LOC Floor Seam Technology, providing smoother, less noticeable seams. LOOP-LOC's Mirage Pool Visualizer tool allows customers to try before they buy: select pool shape, paver color, liner pattern or cover color and preview how any LOOP-LOC liner or pool cover will look on a pool at | (800) LOC-LOOP



Bbb 221 Aq Mc Ewen Sm

McEwen Industries
The Carnegie pattern is the newest addition to the McEwen collection. It is a bit whimsical while still providing a sophisticated look for the pool. They have featured it on a popular floor that is an intriguing combination of gray, blue and turquoise. The company is sure this one will appeal to many. | (704) 365-8070



Ccc 221 Aq Merlin Industries Sm

Merlin Industries
With over 40 patterns available, along with additional solid and patterned options, Merlin has a vinyl liner to enhance new pool projects or bring lift back into existing poolscapes. Upgraded patterns include AquaMax, a pool-owner-friendly vinyl with high UV resistance, and Aqua Intense, patterns featuring one or a combination of textured vinyl and luster inks. | (800) 289-1836



Sss 221 Aq Pegasus Sm

Pegasus Products
Pegasus Products introduces the aboveground Newport Tile pattern, an abstract tile with a blue background of calming tones. This pattern is only available as a beaded liner. | (908) 707-1122



Oyy 221 Aq Kayden Mfg Sm

Kayden Manufacturing
Key Largo is a Kayden exclusive. 27 mil wall/20 mil floor std. All 27 mil options. Textured step material std. Products come with a 25-year warranty. | (201) 880-9898



Xxx 221 Aq Garrett Sm

Garrett Liners
Garrett has been manufacturing vinyl swimming pool liners for over 56 years. In 2021, Garrett is introducing nine new patterns made from vinyl material manufactured in North America. The company is proud to be including "Hope" as part of their new collection. The unique design of "Hope" along with its rich blues and magentas provides a sense of warmth and calm to any backyard oasis — all while contributing to the fight against breast cancer. | (800) 222-3650



Ouu 221 Aq Gli1 Sm

GLI Pool Products
GLI has rejuvenated its Destination, Signature, and Signature Plus Series for 2021. Fresh patterns, new designs and the integration of the TrueStone patterns into the Destination and Shimmer Stone for Destination Series adds visibility and excitement to the company's selections. GLI is also adding to their FloorTex Series lineup. Customers eager for the ability to add texture to steps, features and their vinyl pool liner can do so with Mount Gris and Mount Bleu. | (800) 448-2343



Oqq 221 Aq Canadian Gt2 Sm

Canadian General Tower
The new Clarkson Mosaic tile pattern offers a welcoming teal and blue tile border, creating the appearance of a glass mosaic tile to complement today's deck treatments and backyard decor. This new tile is paired with the popular Blue Beach Pebble floor pattern that is printed on a medium-blue base material, giving pool water a deep blue, sparkling appearance. The Clarkson Mosaic-Blue-Beach Pebble combination is a part of CGT's Essential Collection of stocking pool liner material available to pool liner fabricators. Made and printed in North America. | (519) 623-630



Ogg 221 Aq Alps Rebelion Step Sm

ALPS Manufacturing
With the Endless Step, pool pros can add 2-foot or 8-foot sections to make any size stadium seating for a rectangular vinyl pool. This product is a solid as poured concrete, easy to install and a considerable savings vs steel steps, according to the company. Special receptors give top vinyl treads a secure, wrinkle-free fit. | (404) 661-2283



Ott 221 Aq Frank Wall2 Sm

AquaForms by Frank Wall Enterprises
AquaForms aluminum pool concrete forming system builds concrete wall vinyl liner pools with steps, benches, spas, sun ledges and even automatic cover boxes during the wall pour. This modular system can create unlimited pool designs and shapes. By owning their own forms, builders can take control of their building schedule. AquaForms last well over 3,500 pours, according to the company. All concrete pools and spas are also possible, eliminating shotcrete equipment and highly skilled labor. | (800) 488-9146



Orr 221 Aq Cmp Sm

CMP Vinyl Faceplate Kits upgrade standard pool installs and renovations, adding variety beyond common white-colored product offerings. Available in six color options, these color faceplates blend in and accent any vinyl liner color or pattern. Pre-packaged kits are available for regular and wide-mouth skimmers. Pro-level options are available for pool builders. All parts needed to repair and replace common fittings are included. For new construction, complete vinyl builder kits with skimmers, main drains and returns are also available. | (800) 733-9060



Countertop Sol 221 Sm

Concrete Countertop Solutions
Z Poolform is a reusable forming system for pouring cantilevered concrete coping. On vinyl liner pools, the Z Poolform will plug directly into the existing liner track, eliminating any need for adhesive, screws or tie wires. There are nine different interchangeable form liners to create a variety of different decorative edge details. | (570) 587-3799



Okk 221 Aq Anderson Mfg1 Sm

Anderson Manufacturing Company
The LeakTrac 2400 Vinyl Liner Leak Detector quickly finds leaks by putting a small electrical charge into the pool water, then tracking the flow of electricity as it makes connections to the ground through conductive penetrations in the liner. This technology is effective on any water containing vessel with an electrically-insulating shell (i.e. vinyl, fiberglass, etc.) Now on its fourth version, this product has been innovated and improved over the past 30 years and features a wireless connection and digital controls. | (800) 348-1316


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