A Hot New Take on Hot Tubs

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Hottub2Now dealers can add firewood alongside their hot tub accessories thanks to Tubmarine. Tubmarine is the result of seven years of development and constant collaboration between engineers and suppliers throughout Europe — it recently won a European Product Design Award.

The stylish tub is made from 80% recycled materials, and is itself 100% recyclable. This is partially thanks to the choice of framing wood, which is a key part of the tub’s design.

Kebony timber, developed in Norway, is environmentally friendly and durable. The fact that it requires no maintenance aside from scheduled cleaning — perfect for a DIY customer — helps the tub stay true to its 30-year-guaranteed lifespan that has given it the title, “the ultimate wood- fired hot tub.”

“I created my first wood-fired hot tub 7 years ago,” says Chris Galley, creator of Tubmarine. “I wanted to create something for my family to enjoy together, but something stylish and well-engineered that was built to last. I wanted to make a statement piece that stood out from other tubs on the market, so I designed the Tubmarine.”

Craftsmanship and functionality come together to create this one-of- a-kind hot tub, and since it requires no electricity, it’s great for off-the-grid vacationers and eco-conscious soakers alike. It’s easy to use with little time to heat up, so up to four people can experience luxurious relaxation in just under two hours.

Tubmarine is currently priced at £15,450.00 including shipping from its native home of the UK, which translates to about $17,800. Worldwide shipping is available, though it’s going to add a bit more to the price tag.

To use Tubmarine, simply light the wood burner and keep it topped up with logs. Once the water has reached the desired temperature, the final step is without a doubt the best: Users can sit back, relax and enjoy.

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