Summer Vacation Renovation: Part Two

Aaa 820 Aq Pentair Tile

As the warm season wraps up, it's time to soak in the last of summer. Investing in some upgrades now can help make sure the dog days are the most enjoyable they can be. Enhance and improve any backyard oasis with this selection of products* below.

*This is part two of the renovation product focus. See the July issue for part one.



Aaa 820 Aq Pentair Sm

Pentair Commercial
The improved IntelliChem controller continuously monitors real-time values of pH, ORP, calculated parts per million and temperature. This product uses a dosing algorithm to deliver the chemicals needed to keep pool water clear, safe and ready to enjoy. Onboard data logging makes IntelliChem California Title 22 compliant and the improved ScreenLogic Interface iOS app allows tracking from any mobile device. Easy 'plug & play' installation has all components pre-mounted and pre-wired. Compatible with Commercial IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generators, liquid feed pumps and CO2 systems. | (800) 831-7133



Oqq 820 Aq Clear Comfort Ccw50 Product Image Sm

Clear Comfort
This product has a UV and color stable system and is available in a variety of colors.The CCW50 uses hydroxyl-based AOP technology to effectively destroy unwanted contaminants without the hassle, irritation or unpleasant odors of toxic chemicals. This product's system maintenance only requires an annual five-minute cartridge exchange. With the CCW50, customers spend less time maintaining toxic chemicals and more time experiencing fresh, crystal clear and healthy water. | (303) 872-4477



Orr 820 Aq Control Omatic Sm

ControlOMatic's MegaChlor supplies continuous, around-the-clock chlorine generation without separate buttons, control boxes or timers — it's all built into the device. This product does not require any plumbing or electrical contracting work for installation, making it ideal for after-market installation. MegaChlor produces 100 grams of chlorine per day and can be 'draped over' the pool water edge or installed 'inline,' allowing the unit to be on the same timer as the main pumps, so it can't operate if there is no flow. | 530-205-4520



Ott 820 Aq Fiberlite Sm

Fiberlite Umbrellas
Fiberlite Umbrellas' fiberglass frame umbrellas are designed to go both by the pool and directly in it. The fiberglass center pole will not fade, rust, corrode, oxidize or swell inside chlorinated or saltwater pools in either the backyard patio or commercial setting. Stainless steel hardware and nylon connections keep Fiberlite umbrellas rust-free. This product comes with a five year warranty on the frame, pole and marine-grade fabric. Handcrafted in the U.S. | (800) 350-6615



Opp 820 Aq Automatic Pool Covers Sm

Automatic Pool Covers
Automatic Pool Covers, Inc. now offers a wheel-less, deck-mounted automatic pool cover designed specifically to retrofit on existing pools. The AutoGuard automatic pool cover can now be installed on the top of existing pool decks and hidden under a multi-purpose housing. The deck-mounted system includes tracks, wheel-less components, hardware, pool cover and cover housing. | (800) 878-5789



Oxx 820 Aq Jed Pool Tools Sm

JED Pool Tools
JED's 90-915 Waterfall Fountain is a wall-mounted pool fountain for above and below ground pools. This product hooks into any existing pool return and is equipped with adjustable spray location and height. The standard size for the fitting is 1 3/4 inches, but JED offers free adapters for pools with varying size return fittings. | (570) 344-4137



Fff 820 Aq Visscher Sm

Visscher Specialty Products
The modern design of Visscher's Florence Sun Shade Pergola allows unobstructed views. This product features a retractable sun shade that opens and closes in a matter of seconds with optional privacy drapes. Available in 10-by-10 and 10-by-14 foot lengths. Made in Canada. | (604) 847-9663



Ovv 820 Aq Frank Wall Enterprises Sm

Frank Wall Enterprises
Frank Wall Enterprises is pleased to offer new Liner-Sure, an innovative pool liner bead lock with a unique profile to keep pool liners from falling out of coping. Frank's Liner-Sure was created by and for pool professionals to make it easy to install on corners and areas where liners are prone to slip out of the coping track due to stress. This product can be cut to any desired length and blends seamlessly into the swimming pool liner. Available in white, blue, black or gray to match coping and vinyl pool liner patterns. | (800) 488-9146



Ouu 820 Aq Fountain People Sm

Fountain People
Fountain People is pleased to offer a deck drain cover for pool professionals who want to provide a unique, signature finish to their pool deck or fountain projects. This detailed drain cover uses classic motifs that complement both traditional and modern decor applications. Complete with hand-burnished highlights, this cover comes in a dark bronze color and is available for immediate shipment. Matching stainless steel drain sumps are also available. Made in the U.S. | (512) 393-1155



Onn 820 Aq Atlantic Oase Sm

Copper Spillway and Fountain Bowls add elegance to any hardscape, landscape or poolscape, the company says. Handcrafted out of solid copper, Spillway Bowls are designed to develop a natural patina over time. This product is available in round and square styles, ranging from 26 inches to 36 inches wide. All bowls feature dual inlets for lights and water, and a solid copper riser accessory allows bowls to be elevated 8 inches. | (330) 274-8317



Oww 820 Aq Haven Sm

Haven Lighting
Haven Lighting's LED accent lights provide a solution for adding style and warmth to outdoor spaces, from brightening stair steps to illuminating capstones or fountains on pool sides. The cast aluminum LED lights are waterproof and available in full color or classic white. WiFi-enabled customization enables light timing and scheduling from anywhere in the world. | (513) 655-2468



Ozz 820 Aq Natare Sm

Natare Corporation
The Natatec pool lining system is a flexible blanket of PVC reinforced with an inner core of polyester mesh fabric that makes an aging pool or water feature new again. This product is custom-fitted and bonded on-site to provide a completely watertight, highly durable and slip-resistant pool surface. It has a smooth, non-porous surface that resists algae, mold and mildew. | (800) 336-8828



Ggg 820 Aq Waterco Sm

Waterco USA
The installation of a Multicyclone as a first stage filtration equipment to a media filter will reduce its backwashing frequency, resulting in a savings of up to 2,500 gallons of water per year for an average domestic sized swimming pool, the company says. The installation of a Multicyclone as a first stage filtration equipment to a cartridge filter will extend filter cartridge cleaning by at least 4 times per NSF testing. | (706) 793-7921



Hhh 820 Aq Water Odyssey Sm

Water Odyssey
Fun Forms Aqua Slides enhance any aquatic play setting and are suitable for all types of pools, including zero entry and beach entry. Now with over 40 different, brightly themed, hand-detailed designs. Various sizes for ages two to five and five to 12 years old. Fun for toddlers to tweens. Custom designs are also available. ASTM compliant. | 512-392-1155



Oss 820 Aq Crystal Fountains Sm

Crystal Fountains
Creating a slender, arching column of water, Crystal's Stream Jet (WMD100) is a directionally adjustable nozzle designed for applications that require flush deck level mounting, such as swimming pool decks and childrens' water play areas. Suitable for vertical or horizontal installation, the Stream Jet can be angle adjusted up to 25 degrees, and it is perfect for transforming your customer's backyard pool into a piece of art, the company says. | (905) 660-6674



Ddd 820 Aq Stone Tech Sm

StoneTech Pools
StoneTech Pools says it creates stones made with the highest standard of the industry and FINA, covering all the surfaces of the pool.



Bbb 820 Aq Rico Rockgeneral Sm

RicoRock waterfall kits and coping/waterline products are masonry products engineered to install with minimal labor but offer the same look as full custom masonry projects that cost twice as much, the company says. | (830) 379-7900



Eee 820 Aq Sunbelt Hot Tubs Sm

Sunbelt Hot Tubs
Sunbelt is an international manufacturer and distributor of portable and inground hot tubs and swim spas, focusing on superior quality and innovation in the industry. The company offers a variety of hot tubs and spas for every budget and need. | (281) 575-9814



Ccc 820 Aq Sgm Sm

The new Diamond Brite Jewels premium pool finishes are fade-resistant and highly UV-stable, minimizing the effects of bleach and sunlight. This product comes in six specially-designed colors that will hold their vibrance for years: alabaster, blue topaz, moonstone, obsidian, paraiba and tanzanite. | (800) 641-9247



Oyy 820 Aq Meridian Tile Sm

Meridian Tile
The company's modular barstool tops install in minutes and offer a clean, professional look. | (602) 237.6401


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