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Vinyl Liner

Vinyl liner patterns give pool owners the opportunity to make a design statement in their backyard. Luckily, the vinyl liner patterns on today's market can make any pool a backyard focal point. From geometric designs to beautiful mosaics, take a look at what some of the top industry manufacturers are offering in vinyl.



Ouu 220 Aq Megna Pools Sm

Megna Pools offers three series of inground pool liners: Premier, 30 ga and Mix-n-Match. The company's Premier liners are all 20% thicker than standard 20 mil liners (yet cost no more) and are available in 18 patterns. Also, its 50 patterns of 30 ga liners are the thickest in the industry, the company says. Mix-n-Match patterns offer the unique opportunity to choose different tile patterns with different floor patterns. | (866) 580-1115



Ovv 220 Aq Merlin Industries Sm

COOL! Holographic Liners use innovative, patent-pending technology to create an immersive and holographic experience. Using the included goggles and glasses, anyone can witness how COOL! these liners are. Four inground patterns are available as well as one aboveground pattern. Inground liners come with two goggles and two pairs of glasses, while aboveground liners come with two goggles and one pair of glasses. Additional glasses and goggles are available for purchase so everyone can get in on the fun. | (800) 289-1836



Opp 220 Aq Cardinal Systems Sm

Cardinal proudly offers quality liners available in over 30 different patterns and colors, which will allow your customers to fully customize the look of their pool. The company's liners are made from the highest-quality, virgin vinyl material that is formulated with ultra-violet inhibitors and anti-bacterial agents to help protect against deterioration. Proper application and use of chemicals will ensure that a Cardinal liner will last for many years. | (570) 385-1244



Orr 220 Aq Imperial Pools Sm

Imperial Pools/The Vinyl Works introduces Pearluster Interior Pool Finishes. Fabricated using Perfect Seam Technology, Interior Pool Finishes are the finest made in the market today, the company says. Pearluster is an additional protective topcoat that gives the pool's interior finish a mother-of-pearl luminescence that shimmers as it basks in the sun's light. Available in 27 mil Mosaic Wave, Sea Stone Marble and Blue Ridge Slate Embossed. | (800) 444-9977



Oss 220 Aq Kayden Manufacturing Sm

Kayden Manufacturing has a whole new collection of mosaic tile patterns featuring floral and sea-inspired themes. Most of these new designs are printed on white vinyl, which makes their colors incredibly vibrant, the company says. This unique pattern invokes a classical feel with subtle accents of the Fleur-De-Lis combined with a modern metallic sparkle, lending the design a multi-dimensional element. This particular pattern, called Barcelona, is available in 27 mil. | (201) 880-9898



Oqq 220 Aq Garrett Liners Sm

Garrett Liners says its reputation for designing and manufacturing complex, custom liners that provide exceptional fit, beauty, quality and durability is unmatched. In 2020, the company is introducing 15 new patterns with rich details and blends of blues, grays, tans and teals that will be the highlight of any landscape. Also new for 2020 is the company's all-over prints with no additional charge. Garrett Liners only uses vinyl material manufactured in North America. | (800) 222-3650



Ott 220 Aq Mc Ewen Industries Sm

The Alexander pattern is on a new base film color for McEwen Industries — Stone Clay, which is between a white and gray. While this is predominantly a gray pattern, it has a significant amount of pleasing blue elements. The bold geometric tile border really pops with an interesting mix of three shades of blue, the company says. This will be a beautiful complement to the ever-popular concrete decking. | (704) 365-8070



Oww 220 Aq Pegasus Products Sm

Pegasus Products introduces the Rocklin pattern. The bottom projects a vivid, rich and bright blue hue for the pool while the wall top is a contemporary stone and marble pattern with a 3D wave effect. | (908) 707-1122



4 P 220 Aq Loop Loc Sm

LOOP-LOC has added nine more stunning, exclusive patterns to their line of Luxury Liners, including River Rock. Other new exclusives include Beach Glass, Boulder Beach, Maya, Messina, Nantucket Isle, San Nicola, Stella Maris and Stonehaven. All of LOOP-LOC's designer patterns are manufactured with CLEAR-LOC Floor Seam Technology — providing smoother, less-noticeable seams that enhance the beauty of the company's Luxury Liners, and state-of-the-art computer technology and manufacturing equipment ensure a perfect fit in any pool. And now you can see how any of LOOP-LOC's liners or pool covers will look in your customers' pools with Mirage Pool Visualizer. Choose their pool shape, paver color, liner pattern or cover color so customers can try before they buy. Simply go to | (800) LOC-LOOP



4 O 220 Aq Glipoolproducts Sm

GLI Pool Products
GLI is excited to add to the TrueStone Collection with Flagstone Gray. Designed to closely mimic natural flagstone, with larger stonework and natural gray and blue hues, this pattern goes above and beyond to deliver the ultimate natural appearance, the company says. Customers can make something that is uniquely theirs and customize their wall, floor and special features to create a vinyl pool liner that reflects their personality and taste. No more one design fits all. The TrueStone Collection allows you to go beyond the ordinary. | (800) 448-2343



Oxx 220 Aq Tara Linersand Safety Covers Sm

Tara Liners is pleased to introduce Fort Walton Beach, a beautiful pattern inspired by the beauty of the Gulf Coast. The new, offset mosaic tile floor is designed to blend smoothly across seams. The eye-catching tile design is a perfect complement for the floor, making this pattern a popular choice for your customers, the company says. Fort Walton Beach comes in 20 mil vinyl, which is well-suited to today's pool designs that feature complex shapes and tight corners. For installations featuring vinyl covered stairs and benches, Fort Walton Beach can be ordered in SureStep, the company's textured surface vinyl. | (866) 725-8272


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