COMBOConnect Delivers Improved Functionality With a Smaller Footprint

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In an era of smart home controls, self-driving cars and widespread digital communication, it’s no surprise that pool and spa technology is also evolving. But rather than thinking about Wi-Fi connectivity or mobile alerts to check pH levels, most pool owners are concerned simply about the outward aesthetics and overall functionality of their backyard investment. 

This often means integrating several low-voltage nicheless lights, artistic water features and a fully-landscaped pool area to wow guests and delight family members. Unlike in the past when a single low-voltage underwater luminaire would do, pool owners — especially those in high-density metro areas — are rapidly adopting this new trend.  

To accommodate the needs of forward-looking pool owners, pool builders and pool service professionals must have the tools at their disposal to get the job done right. Progressive solutions like the COMBOConnect® Junction Box Transformer by Intermatic (U.S Patent #10072831) reduce clutter on the pool pad and improve functionality by allowing installers to connect multiple low-voltage lights to a single unit. 

The hybrid solution blends the simplicity of a standard junction box with the power of a 100 W low-voltage transformer, allowing users to do more with less.

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According to U.S. Census data, the average residential yard is roughly 13 percent smaller than it was a decade or two ago. Because of this, pool builders are tasked with finding clever ways to maximize space while providing all of the bells and whistles homeowners are after. 

The key benefit of COMBOConnect is its compact size. Its unique design requires 20-30 percent less space than traditional, separately-installed components. By doing the work of two components, it allows installers to save on labor costs without sacrificing performance or impacting pool aesthetics. In fact, installers can connect up to five low-voltage lights out of the box — one more than is common with larger junction boxes.

The unit’s low voltage ports accept 16/2 and 18/2 AWG cord sizes, making it a highly compatible option that works with all major pool safety light manufacturers.

Moreover, the versatile COMBOConnect is listed and labeled per NEC 680.24 for use with pool and spa underwater luminaires and per NEC 411 for low-voltage landscape lighting. This distinction makes COMOBOConnect code-compliant and compatible with underwater pool lighting applications as well as traditional landscape lighting projects. Instead of stocking multiple junction boxes, pool professionals can carry COMBOConnect and know that it will be the right fit in any setting.

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The smaller footprint of COMBOConnect equates to less clutter on the pool pad and improved backyard aesthetics. Pool builders have fewer items to hide or design around with landscaping and outdoor décor, while homeowners and pool service technicians gain easier access to pool components because of the additional space COMBOConnect creates.

A win-win for homeowners and pool builders alike, the innovative design of COMBOConnect is what sets it apart from competing solutions. Not only is it reliable and highly-versatile solution, but it also allows homeowners to expand the possibilities of their new backyard pool or spa. Whether it’s adding a few more underwater lights, extending the pool deck or shining decorative lights on adjacent greenery, homeowners ultimately left with a more complete end product.


Lastly, it’s no surprise that building a new pool is a major investment. Naturally, contractors and homeowners want to do all they can to make the finished pool and spa setup look its best and maintain over time. 

Adding COMBOConnect from the start lays a strong foundation while offering long-term design flexibility. If plans change in the future, contractors can easily support extra lighting needs by daisy-chaining additional units through the two high-voltage openings of COMBOConnect. Whether a homeowner wants to add a few more nicheless lights to their pool and spa or expand their landscaping lighting displays, COMBOConnect will be up to the task when the time comes. 

COMBOConnect is a dependable solution that helps pool builders and homeowners simplify pool and spa setup. There’s no limit to what’s possible with the additional space and increased functionality. 

To learn more about COMBOConnect, contact your Intermatic representative today or visit

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