Genesis 3 Holds First Educational Summit

Scott Webb Headshot

Genesis 3 recently hosted its first-annual Educational Summit meeting at the Riviera Palm Springs Hotel, in Palm Springs, Calif., attended by G3 members and sponsors.

According to organizers, the meeting covered recent changes within the Genesis 3 structure, including the roles that the Platinum Advisory Board and Education Council will play moving forward, as well as association-synergy plans with Hanley Wood, AIA, ASLA, APLD and media publications.

Dave Peterson, education chairman, unveiled plans for the new “Genesis 3 University,” whose programs and overall structure embody the Genesis 3 philosophy of education, certification and connection. Peterson’s outline calls for Genesis 3 University to reach watershape professionals through coursework, projects, examination and continuing education. 

“We’ve recently restructured our education system in preparation for a growth spurt”, he said, “actually doubling the number of program offerings. We’ve scheduled more classes in the next 12 months than we have held in the last two years. Our existing programs are also being updated to make them more relevant to the watershaping industry. Plus, we are moving our exams online to free up more classroom time for valuable instruction. We also developed a new Education Council comprised of distinguished professionals that understand the industry as well as the need for education.”

“In an ever-changing industry, Genesis 3 remains committed to the values and high standards that have distinguished it as the premier leader in watershape education for design, construction and service since 1998,” added Brian Van Bower, President and co-founder of Genesis 3. “We are working harder than ever to meet our students’ needs with new innovative programs, additional first-rate faculty, more venues, and a calendar of events that will enable students to achieve success faster than ever. We have elevated the participation of our core members while de-emphasizing the role of the founders so we have a larger army fighting the war! Our growth will be exponentially enhanced.”

Skip Phillips, vice president and co-founder of Genesis 3, added that “Peterson has done an extraordinary job in compiling and refining our class offerings and certification structure, as well as retaining world class instructors in the areas in which we needed a fresh perspective. Backed by the dedication of the Genesis Platinum Advisory Board, Brian and I are committed to continuing the Genesis quest for unparalleled excellence.”

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