Pompton Lakes, N.J., residential pool project

Spot Aq 908 Sometimes simplicity gets the job done beautifully. Ruth Aveta, vice president of Creative Master Pools, Pompton Lakes, N.J., said the homeowner only had a few requests for this northern New Jersey waterscape: "They wanted as big a pool as they could fit in their very small backyard, they wanted a waterfall and they wanted to hide a very visible neighboring house." Simple enough, but in order to meet those demands, the project needed to be nestled in an unusual spot in the backyard.

"The yard is sloped down toward the pool and actually falls down about 10 feet below the waterfall in the back corner," says Aveta. "So we had to install a series of subterranean retaining walls and had to get some structural engineering done, too." In order to support the grade, Aveta says they ramped up the number of underground walls and then added an additional group of walls to support the waterfall.

Because New Jersey is restrictive regarding land use and protective of green space and underground water supply, says Aveta, the exact shape of the pool was determined after Creative plotted the project. "We plotted our restrictions, plotted what we had to do structurally in order to support everything, and then we had a triangle left over. The shape of the pool was designed within that. The restrictions gave us an odd shape to work with."

The homeowner chose light gray local limestone for the waterfall's boulders and quartzite for the patio, to bring the home's design concept into the outdoor living spaces.

One of the homeowner's favorite areas of the project is the wading pool, where his kids can also easily enjoy the natural surroundings.

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