How to Partner With a Realtor to Grow Your Business

Neglected pools like this one sometimes accompany house listings, prompting a realtor to seek out pool service.
Neglected pools like this one sometimes accompany house listings, prompting a realtor to seek out pool service.

The first time I reached out to a pool professional — in this case it was Erik Taylor of Chlorine King Pool Service — was after I discovered that one of my house listings had a swimming pool that looked as though it belonged in a swamp. Fortunately, the pool was cleared after three days and apart from a tadpole genocide, it was a great experience. I quickly realized that a strong relationship with a service professional would be mutually beneficial for both parties.

When service professionals partner with a realtor, it can help to grow their business exponentially. A house with a pool that’s on the market often needs servicing, and when someone buys that property through me, often they’ll be looking for a pool service company — and looking to me for a recommendation.

At the same time, my reputation is everything, so I need someone who cares about their reputation just as much as I do.

There are many things I look for in a pool pro. Conversely, these are things a pool pro might consider when looking to partner with a realtor.


Most of the professionals that I work with come from a referral — someone that I know and trust has said wonderful things about them. When I have more than one referral, my decision comes down to Google reviews and business manner. Do they answer the phone when I call? Do they call me back in a reasonable amount of time? Do they show up on time for our appointment? That initial connection is very important, because first impressions matter.

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If a pool professional is just starting out and does not have enough business to generate word-of-mouth promotion, there are still ways to attract a realtor. One way would be to approach a realtor on social media with a professional message. Another is to approach with your business card. With either strategy, the important thing — and something I look for — is if they follow up. A realtor might not need your service initially, but if you continue to follow up and keep your business top-of-mind, when they do need you, the phone call will come easily, if even out of sheer convenience.


After I have hired a pool professional, there are several key factors that determine if I will continue to work with them. Here are some, to name a few:

Communication — One of the unique attributes about pool service is that it’s not always obvious that a pool professional has serviced a pool. Open communication can fill this gap. Send a text message before and after you visit a job, so the realtor can inform both the buyer and the seller that pool service was provided. Send photos, if necessary, to build further comfort that the job was done, especially if it will take multiple jobsite visits to complete. Seeing is believing.

Presentation — You have to look professional to attract professional people and professional pricing. If someone were to show up to a job with a beaten up truck that is noticeably unorganized, chances are they are not running a top-notch business — and they don’t take pride in what they do. If you show up looking clean, organized and prepared, not only will it help to build your credentials, but the realtor’s as well.

Price — There is a saying: “The cheap man pays twice.” I have found myself in situations where I have hired the cheap company, and then, after being disappointed or stood up, I hire the more expensive company I should have simply gone with in the first place. Every person I hire is a reflection of my business, so if a pool service is expensive, as long as they prove to me that they are worth the price through their professionalism and business conduct, I’m fine paying more.

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Punctual — One of the biggest problems I have had with pool professionals is them not showing up. If you don’t show up for a job, there is no business with me beyond that. Realtors don’t want to have to call you to ask where you are and waste a buyer or seller’s time.

Trust — A huge asset I get working with my pool service company is that I don’t even have to be at the appointment to know everything is going well. That is invaluable when a realtor has a reliable vendor and can say, “Here is what I need. Please let me know when it is finished.” And after the appointment, their reputation is still in good standing.


Realtors do a ton of marketing for different professionals, because clients — and other realtors, who I refer to my pool service company at least once a week — are always looking for referrals. There is not a single transaction that a client does not need a reference for something.

When I can refer a pool professional that I trust, and the person that I referred them to is excited, not only is that a point for me, because someone is trusting my judgement, but a point for the pool pro as well. Partner with a realtor and before long, there will be solid advocates for your business — people who are actively marketing your services — which is simply invaluable for your reputation and future growth.

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