What Would You Do: Truck Organization

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Truck organization is critical to the success of service technicians, as it can increase productivity on their daily routes and help to track inventory. But organization isn't always easy β€” especially when your office space is literally your truck bed. How do service technicians keep organized? Industry pros share their insights.

"Does anyone have truck bed organization/standardization down?"



Ooy 1120 Aq Ryan Johnson Sm

Ryan Johnson
Suburban Pool Service | Folsom, Calif.

"The net is important because it keeps everything from flying out on the highway."



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Reader submitted photo



Oov 1120 Aq John Poma Sm

John Poma
A+Pool Service | Lakeland, Fla.

"This was an easy way to hold everything in place and take out the guesswork of what bucket was what. It was also to help speed everything up, so I could get in and out of them faster. This also lifts my buckets, so they are close to the level with the truck bed β€” making it easy to reach the bottom of the buckets on a taller truck."



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Michael Rodarte
Empire Pool Company | Scottsdale, Ariz.

"I think it's important to show up clean and organized when meeting with customers. I feel it sets the tone for what they can expect from myself and my company. I want my first impression to be a good one.

I organized my service truck with 1 1/2-inch PVS pipe. This makes it very easy to stay organized."



Oou 1120 Aq Christopher Soto Sm

Christopher Soto
NorCal Pools | Rocklin, Calif.


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