A Life-Changing Experience: Pleatco Award Nominations Close Sept. 28

Jamie Gaumond, the 2015 Pleatco Perfect PoolGal, says the recognitition opened new doors for her business and helped bring in more clientele.
Jamie Gaumond, the 2015 Pleatco Perfect PoolGal, says the recognitition opened new doors for her business and helped bring in more clientele.

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Every year, hundreds of hopeful pool techs are nominated for the Pleatco Perfect PoolGuy and Gal Contest — and every year, like magic, the awards change lives. This year, the deadline for contest nominations has been extended to September 28.

Each winner holds a certain aspect of the journey closest to heart. For 2015 Perfect PoolGal Jamie Gaumond, it’s the warm welcome into what many call “the Pleatco family.”

“Being able to become part of the Pleatco Family was amazing,” she says. “It really touched my heart to see how awesome and caring everyone is, and how dedicated they are — not only to their business and products, but to the people in their staff, communities and all the winners over the years.”

Managing a small, family-owned pool and spa business in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, Gaumond juggles it all: service and installation, customer calls and orders, sales and even field work. Winning the Pleatco award opened up new doors for her business and helped bring in a different clientele. These days, a 3+ week waiting list for jobs is the norm.

“When existing and new clients find out that you’ve won something like this, they’re more apt to choose your business over others,” she says. “They know the knowledge you have, the education you’ve received...What you’ve been recognized for places you and your company's standards a lot higher.”

Likewise, 2014 Perfect PoolGal Patricia McCausland most appreciates Pleatco’s commitment to winners.

“It’s great to be recognized, and be able to stand with a company that stands behind the workers who use their products,” she says. “It is so worth the exposure to be recognized and meet with others in the same field, plus the companies that make these products.”

A 28-year pool industry veteran with experience in construction, repair, renovation and service, McCausland is passionate about passing her knowledge on to other technicians as well as her customers.

“Pool techs really are the unsung heroes. And having a company like Pleatco recognize that is just the icing on the cake,” she says. “It can open up so many more avenues that you may not even realize are there.”

2011 Perfect Pool Guy Rich Tarricone pictured next to 2011 Perfect Pool Gal Sabrina Clonts.2011 Perfect Pool Guy Rich Tarricone pictured next to 2011 Perfect Pool Gal Sabrina Clonts.For 2011 Perfect PoolGuy Rich Tarricone, the lasting legendary reputation doesn’t hurt, either: once a PPG, always a PPG.

“I’m still the Pleatco Perfect PoolGuy to this day,” he says. “Just yesterday someone reminded me of it, and proceeded to tell other bystanders about it.”

Tarricone has truly experienced a rollercoaster of a career in the pool industry. He began working for his brother Drew, a Sarasota County pool legend, at 17 — and got through business school on his nights and days off. After a year as an office product sales rep didn’t feel right, he returned to work with Drew and came to realize his true calling as a pool professional. Unfortunately, tragedy struck: Drew passed away suddenly, and the pool company was sold.

But Tarricone continued to rise through many challenges: co-owning a new pool company, a rewarding job at Pebbletec, and the eventual dream-come-true of his single-owner pool business.

“To me, this award acts as a symbol of achievement and recognition as I celebrate my survival, not only in life but in my pool career,” he says. “It will always be a reminder of all my hard work and the gratitude that I owe the many friends, family, peers and mentors who continue to believe in me.”

To the humble tech who might be hesitant about entering, Tarricone urges:

“What are you waiting for? Your clients, friends and family have always had faith in you and are eager to share their thoughts on why they believe you stand out from the average pool person. Enter now...it could change your life!”

The nomination process will be closing soon. Once all nominations are in, voting will begin, followed by the announcement of the winners. The winning Perfect PoolGuy/Gal will each receive a fully paid trip to Dallas, Texas, that includes two nights for two people, and flights from anywhere in the U.S., to attend the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in November 2021 — where they will be the guests of honor at the awards ceremony and special alumni presentation dinner (among other prizes). The full grand prize package can be viewed here.

Nominations for the 2021 Pleatco Perfect PoolGuy and PoolGal are now open at Pleatco.com.

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