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AQUA Product of the Month: THE SPA DRAGON
Close more spa and swim spa sales, and increase spa service call profitability by selling The Spa Dragon. It is a monitoring/backup heating system to help prevent spas from freezing. Spa and swim spa owners are notified by text and/or email when it's activated so they can get service as soon as possible. Help protect customers' investment when at home or away on vacation. The Spa Dragon is a must-have for Airbnb's and secondary properties with spas, as they are often left unattended and can have catastrophic freeze damage from issues as simple as a low water level or the breaker tripping. | (833) 429-9449





Designed for splash pads and multi-unit community complexes, the Dual CCW100 AOP sanitation system is an easy path to fresh, healthy water and air quality β€” while reducing toxic chemical use and costs. Powered by a patented Hydroxyl-Based AOP technology, Clear Comfort is third-party proven to reduce up to 90% of disinfection by-products, 50% of chemical use and 99.99% of chlorine-resistant Cryptosporidium. The only Dual CCW100 system maintenance required is one 15-minute cartridge exchange each year, which doesn't need professional training, special tools or downtime, the company says. Additionally, the Dual CCW100 comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a five-year system warranty. | (303) 872-4477





RB Retail & Service Solutions is rolling out its new EZ SHOP app for 2024 that provides 'scan and go' shopping to customers within the retail store. This app is easily downloaded from a QR code that can be placed conveniently at the front of the store or at the register. Once downloaded, the app allows current customers to login to their online bill pay to view past orders and transaction history, create shopping lists and allow customers to scan the products they need as they walk through the store. The app will sync with any discounts within the customer's profile and can even be programmed with specials such as BOGO items. All scanned items are quickly pulled up for payment at check out. The app is designed to make shopping and check-out fast and easy. The perfect app to build customer loyalty for your pool, spa and outdoor living business. | (866) 933-9099





The Jandy Infinite WaterColors Lights have come to solve the problems many pool owners have with their existing lighting systems. Infinite WaterColors Lights allow owners to choose any color in the light spectrum with a click of a button on the iAquaLink app. The new lighting system boasts an instantaneous color change that can be prompted with a simple Amazon Alexa command. Additionally, the Infinite WaterColors Lights have four-section color customization, allowing for the deep end of one's pool to be red while one floats in the magenta of the shallow end of the pool. | (800) 822-7933





The ideal drop-in pump for large, feature-rich pools, the Jandy VS FloPro 3.8 HP pump may be compact β€” but it packs a powerful punch. Boasting 12% greater hydraulic performance than other pumps in its class, two auxiliary relays and programmable control via the optional SpeedSet Controller, this variable-speed pump delivers maximum power while taking up less space. It's a high-performance, high-efficiency pump that allows you to do more, the company says. An ideal pump upgrade, the FloPro 3.8 HP pump allows for flexible and easy installation into smaller, tighter spaces and can accommodate most any plumbing setup with its adjustable base that offers precise alignment with critical plumbing dimensions. | (800) 822-7933





Air Shelter
Air Shelter is the premier solution for pool builders and contractors looking for a reliable way to overcome weather-related complications. With integrated 200W blowers and a 12-inch air gap providing superb insulation, it offers optimal lighting with its gray fabric and ensures constant air pressure even if the shelter is damaged. Not only is Air Shelter the most reliable choice for all weather conditions, but it also guarantees a return on investment by reducing lost billable hours, increasing profit and completing projects on time. | (469) 487-3202



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