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Designed in cooperation with leading service technicians, the Brush Around 360 has earned multiple patents and has proven to be the one-and-only brush, according to the company, you need for maintenance in and around a pool. The 360-degree bristle coverage allows easy access to virtually every spot in a pool including ladders, steps and corners. Available in multiple sizes and, more importantly, multiple bristle options including stiff bristles for difficult jobs or ultra-soft bristles for delicate jobs.
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Aqua Creek Products
The new Revolution XL Deep Draft Pool Lift features a more sleek direct drive motor, effectively minimizing the footprint while simultaneously increasing versatility, giving it Aqua Creek's biggest water draft and setback ranges yet. This battery-operated pool lift is solar compatible, handcrafted with stainless steel components, and available in your choice of powder coat colors. Backed by a standard, five-year limited warranty. | (406) 549-0769





Sensa Spa
Sensa Spa is an automatic spa sanitizer that passively deploys bromine tablets and actively senses and dispenses the proper amount of shock to keep hot tub water in optimal sanitizer range for up to a month with no user interaction. Sensa Spa is designed to float around in the hot tub and dispense shock as needed with minimal user intervention. With various sensors to detect motion, pH, sanitizer level, temperature, and when bathers are present, the system is designed for safety and ease-of-use.





CamerEye is advancing the future of pool technology by expanding its AI Smart Pool System to cover the entire pool lifecycle. The AI smart system has a built-in siren for robust 24/7 video monitoring, human and pet-only detection in and around the pool, and timely alerts for critical situations. The system also provides real-time data on pool health, such as cleanliness, timely care alerts, and a comprehensive pool health score. According to the company, the system revolutionizes pool building and homeowner pool maintenance and safety, making it easier, safer and smarter than ever before. | (800) 906-2810





Cable-free and ready to clean from the floor to the waterline in 2.5 hours or less, Polaris FREEDOM is powered by a long-lasting lithium-ion battery; offering exceptional cordless cleaning performance and convenience for pool owners who prefer not to have a cable extending across their yard or a hose in the pool. Whether at home or away, the Wi-Fi-enabled Polaris FREEDOM connects with the iAquaLink app — the industry's highest-rated pool equipment control app, the company says. Featuring a selection of four cleaning modes, Polaris FREEDOM offers enhanced flexibility for cleaning when time is a factor. For more efficient cleaning and easy operation, the FREEDOM comes standard with Polaris' one-of-a-kind Double Helix brush design that enhances debris collection by channeling dirt towards the vacuum inlet as it scrubs a pool's surface, powerful Cyclonic Vacuum technology, and a large filter canister with a transparent lid. | (800) 822-7933





The SENSE Series 2 is a fully automated swimming pool and hot tub maintenance system and was designed to help pool/hot tub owners generate resort-quality water on a consistent basis. The device sits undetected by swimmers in the pool's skimmer, and using sensors, it analyzes the chemical parameters of the water, sending the data to the WaterGuru cloud. The WaterGuru mobile app gives pool owners a daily summary of the water's chemistry and provides trends, graphs and advice on how to bring the water back into balance. The SENSE Series 2 takes the mystery out of maintaining a perfectly balanced pool. | (844) 989-4878



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