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Silk Water Solutions

SilkBalance Plus is specially formulated for saltwater spas. Users can enjoy a silky, soft sensation and freshwater feeling. Advanced water conditioner for all spas. The formula is designed to enhance the feel and function of all saltwater hot tubs and saltwater systems, and works with all spas. It is safe and environmentally friendly and reduces the time and effort associated with using other systems or chemicals. | (604) 551-1609





Island Stone
With the launch of the Pool Stone Sukabumi Select collection, Island Stone brings a custom-curated range of the much-revered Balinese Sukabumi stone to the U.S. market. Sukabumi Select is the preeminent material for pools at high-end resorts and five-star villas throughout the world, and has been used extensively in Southeast Asia as the leading luxury lagoon look, the company says. It features state-of-the-art engineering and calibration to ensure each piece is of the highest quality. For the Pool Stone Sukabumi Select collection, Island Stone hand selects specific tones to create the ultimate blend that makes designing and installing pool projects as easy as possible. | (800) 371-0001





King Technology
FROG Maintain makes hot tub shocking easier. It's the recommended non-chlorine shock in a convenient single-dose pouch, the company says. It dissolves rapidly; water is clean and crystal-clear in 15 minutes. Use FROG Maintain with all FROG's hot tub sanitizing systems or for anyone who wants an easier way to use non-chlorine shock. Its 12-pack carton is easy to retail.





No more broken, brittle skimmer baskets! The Gorilla Tuff-Basket is the only basket that stands up to the harsh, chemical environment of your pool, the company says. This product serves as a replacement for baskets by American Products, AquaStar, Astral, Hayward, PacFab, Pentair, Sta-Rite, SwimQuip, and Waterway. After Market Basket Models: B-9, B-37, B200, V22-110, V50-300, V38-125, V38-135. OEM Baskets: 0528OR0400, 51-6112, 519-3240, 542-3240, 850001, 850145, 8650-21, SP1070E, SK6. | (800) 420-3255





Pool contractors and service companies can now offer residential customers a complete line of energy-saving Neptune pump motors, with the addition of a 3.45 HP designed for larger pools. The Neptune line from Nidec/U.S. MOTORS features variable-speed motors with integrated controls for energy efficiency and easy operation. The Neptune variable-speed motor is easy to install and program. A Quick Start guide underneath the lid provides step-by-step instructions to ensure customers save energy and properly filter the pool. The Neptune comes with a factory installed run schedule which allows the unit to function after simply setting the time of day. Up to seven different daily schedules can be programmed, offering pool owners flexibility and the ability to save energy when the pool is not in regular use. Neptune motors are also designed to communicate and operate with a variety of external system controllers in addition to the onboard user interface. The Neptune provides rugged construction for longer life. The enclosure is finned aluminum that provides a water ingress protection level of IPX5, which helps achieve a longer field life in outdoor environmental conditions.





Spa Surge
Spa Surge is the hot tub store marketing expert. Get the company's free hot tub marketing secrets by visiting its website today.



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