January 2022 New Pool & Spa Products


Product of the Month: Aquamatic Cover Systems

Aquamatic Cover Systems’ proven hydraulic technology can now be powered via solar. Solar panels are mounted directly onto the enclosure, making them ideal for retro-fit installations where running power is a challenge due to existing decks. Aquamatic’s solar package can easily be adapted to both the Hydramatic and HydraLux automatic pool cover systems. The HydraLux is an ideal solution for large commercial pools, and the system can move back from the pool up to 10 feet at the turn of a key: No more large reels that require multiple persons to deploy. Both units are supported by a limited 20-year mechanical warranty.
aquamatic.com | (800) 262-4044





AquaStar Pool Products
AquaStar Pool Products, Inc. announces a new product category launch with its Pipeline Filters, available in two different sizes: the PLF27000 for pools up to 27,000 gallons, and the PLF35000 for pools up to 35,000 gallons. Pipeline Filters offer both a smaller footprint and patented linking capabilities, which allow for space-efficient equipment pads as well as ease of installation and filter cleaning. As opposed to traditional clamps, the AquaStar Pipeline Filters use a patented safe-release collar for lid removal and replacement. Pipeline Filters feature a unique double-locking ring that mechanically compresses and decompresses the O-ring seal using two large handles. This means no more hugging filter tops or “bumping-the-pump” to open filter tanks.
aquastarpoolproducts.com | (443) 823-2770





Polaris, a brand of Fluidra
Fluidra has launched a new suction-side cleaner, the Polaris ATLAS XT. Engineered with HALO technology for superior debris removal, the ATLAS XT cleaner collects larger leaves that get drawn directly into the filtration system while preventing impediments — allowing for continuous, uninterrupted cleaning, the company says. This product features multi-directional navigation, yielding enhanced movement patterns that alternate direction, durable Tri-Point tacks designed for greater traction and powerful turbines for exceptional wall climbing on all pool surfaces. Designed for energy efficiency and longevity, the ATLAS XT operates well even at lower flow rates and comes with a unique regulator valve that automatically controls excess water flow.
fluidrausa.com | (800) 822-7933





RB Retail & Service Solutions
RB Retail & Service Solutions is excited to announce the launch of its new cloud-based product, RB Cloud. RB Cloud provides the ability for pool and spa retailers to use their point of sale software anytime, anywhere. RB Cloud has the same features as the original version of the software, but the cloud solution has several distinct advantages that will make operations easier for retailers, including: no necessary hardware upgrades, fast installation and setup, unlimited scalability and lower IT operational costs.
rbpoolandspa.com | (866) 933-9099





Swim Spa Rx is specially formulated for today’s swim spa to keep water enhanced, moisturized and fresh. Packed with vitamins, extracts and skin-moisturizing boosters, Swim Spa Rx will enhance every workout or recovery session, the company says.
insparation.com | (800) 882-0037





JED Pool Tools
JED Pool Tools is now creating custom maintenance kits for pool professionals. These kits can contain any of the products a pool professional wants to provide to their customers, from chlorine dispensers, leaf skimmers and wall brushes to telescoping poles and thermometers. Many pool professionals even include a soft touch football and dive sticks as a way to thank their customers for their business. JED Pool Tools will package whatever products pool professionals choose and will private label the exterior of the box with the pool company’s name and contact information. Order early to be ready for next season. Proudly made and packaged in Scranton, Pa.
jedpooltools.com | (570) 344-4137





AQUA & More
AQUA & More, a division of Renolit, is pleased to offer a new designer membrane called Touch-Authentic, created to give residential or commercial aquatic facilities a high-end designer look to match the latest in outdoor décor. This new pattern is inspired by nature and imitates the look of marble stone. Using warm brown hues, this pattern blends beautifully with stone coping and deck treatments, the company says. This 80mil thick reinforced membrane is an ideal product to completely encapsulate and renovate leaking or deteriorated pools, with a textured, slip-resistant finish for steps and shallow areas. Available for immediate shipment.
aquaandmore.com | (732) 569-7750





Rico Rock
Rico Rock’s new Quarry Blocks are a line of cast-concrete waterfall kits designed to meet the demand for contemporary styled waterfall features on pools. The new QB Series Quarry Blocks are made of the same proven, high-tech concrete mix used on the thousands of rock waterfall kits produced by Rico Rock. These dense, attractive concrete rock components create predictable finished waterfalls for customers while allowing builders to control their time and costs, the company says. Made in the U.S.
ricorock.com | (888) 717-3100





WAVE Systems
WAVE Drowning Detection Systems is on a mission to end drowning. The company is revolutionizing the job of lifeguards, giving them tools that make their job far more engaging and ensuring they intervene long before incidents turn into drownings. The WAVE Drowning Detection System works in all types of water, including indoor or outdoor pools, waterparks, lakes, bays, rivers and more. It is not affected by water color, temperature, bubbles, currents, chemicals, minerals, vegetation or marine life, the company says. This product detects that critical moment in time when a swimmer might be in danger and immediately alerts aquatics teams so they can intervene if needed. All components are designed to be weather-resistant for years of reliable service, and the system can be portable, installed permanently, or used seasonally. Intended for use at smaller to medium size facilities.
wavedds.com | (203) 429-4636





Fox Pools
Fox Pools now offers pool builders the patented X-Brace Technology that provides 100% support of the pool walls and pool deck without concern for internal or external pressures. The X-Brace structure is bolted to the Fox Pool panels using heavy duty, corrosion resistant bolts. Designed to make it faster and easier for builders to install, the X-Brace uses a simple system of steel rods and “S” hooks that anchor the X-Brace and wall panel to the ground so the pool can be backfilled with or without water in the pool.
foxpool.com | 800-723-1011



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