APSP News: Letter from Rich Gottwald

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Last week, we at APSP announced our partnership with AQUA Magazine. One of the reasons we're excited for this alliance is that it allows us to reach our members more frequently through updates like this one, which you'll be seeing on a regular basis in AQUA's e-newsletter.

This partnership also means we are retiring AQ Magazine, the quarterly publication of the association, to access a greater market and position us for growth in other areas. We envision this partnership with AQUA giving greater member value and hope that you’ll look for us in each issue and newsletter.

Some other exciting news is that APSP has teamed up with Baltimore-based Planit Agency to launch a  new consumer campaign, ESCAPE, this fall. The digital campaign is geared toward promotion of pools and hot tubs. Based on consumer research, ad campaigns were developed. We tested them this spring with our target audience to see which ones resonated and were more likely to inspire action or a desire to purchase a pool or hot tub. Watch for more information as we will help people build their escape.

So now it’s been nearly two years since I was hired as CEO of APSP. Together we’ve accomplished a lot in that time, but there is much more to do. We’ve seen the International Hot Tub Association join forces with APSP to be a stronger advocate for the hot tub sector. We’ve also joined forces with the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada to strengthen our industry in North America.  We hosted an All Association Forum this spring to bring together all organizations related to pools, spas and hot tubs to work together to foster camaraderie and efficiency in how we better serve the aquatic community.

At APSP, we’ve made several changes in our governing structure to be more nimble and good stewards of your dues dollars. We’ve asked you, through member surveys, what you want and how you want it. We examined how we are structured internally and how we should change to better address your needs. Some of the changes we’ve made you’ve seen; others you may not have notice. But we are continually striving to offer you relevant programming and value. Tell me what you think at [email protected].


Calendar of Events

Aug 1: Int’l Awards of Excellence submission deadline
Oct 6: APSP WAVE Young Professionals Network Behind the Scenes event, sponsored by Zodiac
Nov 9: APSP Volunteer Leadership Forum, Las Vegas
Nov 10: APSP WAVE Young Professionals Network Reception, Las Vegas
Nov 10: Int’l Awards of Excellence Pool|Spa|Patio Welcome Party, Las Vegas

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