Franklin Electric Celebrates 75 Years

Franklin Electric Co., Inc. in Fort Wayne, Ind. is proud to announce 2019 as the company’s 75-year anniversary. A lot has changed at Franklin Electric since E.J. (Ed) Schaefer and T.W. (Wayne) Kehoe founded the company in 1944 in Bluffton, Ind. Since then, it has grown from a small motor manufacturing company into a leading global provider of systems and components for moving water and fuel. What hasn’t changed are the company’s core values. Franklin Electric remains focused on its customers and dedicated to delivering on its key factors for success. 2019 will be a celebration of all the company has accomplished in many places and for many customers around the world.

Named after Benjamin Franklin, a pioneer in electrical engineering, Franklin Electric’s core is the world’s first reliable submersible electric motor for water systems, which has remained a staple of the water well industry. 75 years later, the company continues to manufacture and distribute improved versions of this unrivaled motor design all around the world and has expanded its expertise to create innovative solutions, including pumps, electronics and adjacent products, addressing modern industry challenges and serving customers’ needs.

“We would like to recognize and thank all of our employees, customers, partners and investors that have played a role in helping shape Franklin Electric into the company it is today. As we reflect on our past during this milestone, we find ourselves even more focused on our vision of being an indispensable partner to our customers,” says Gregg Sengstack, chairman and chief executive officer.

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