Top 10 Articles of 2023

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Take a look at the top-performing articles from this past year! (And click the story's title to give it another read.)

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10. 47 Great Ways to Liven Up Your Showroom

Pool and spa retailers can strengthen their showroom design and increase profits with these helpful tips.

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9. When Should Salt Be Added to Newly Plastered Pools? 

Wait until complete carbonation of the plaster before adding NaCl to salt pools.

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8. California Proposes New Regulations Impacting Pools 

If enacted, the new law would force water suppliers to reduce water consumption by 20%.

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7. The Borate Pool Opening

There are a lot of benefits in using borate during pool openings.

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6. Automatic Pool Covers in the Post-Pandemic Pool Market

Industry professionals weigh in on the outlook for automatic pool covers heading into the busy season.

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5. Why Colored Plaster Turns Whitish

Plaster colors can fade or turn whitish due to a variety of preventable causes.

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4. Where the Pools Are 

Which U.S. states have the most backyard swimming pools?

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3. The Best Plaster Pool Startup

How to deal with and entirely prevent "plaster dust" forming in newly plastered pools.

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2. "This Will Put the Pool Service Companies Out of Business"

A look at some of the events and products "they" said would put pool service companies out of business.

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1. Research Update: CYA Removal Method Confirmed

A new method of CYA removal has been confirmed with a helpful bonus — it also aids in black algae reduction.

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