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For more than a century, chlorine has been the Old Faithful of swimming pool sanitation β€” it's reliable and, when used correctly, serves an effective and affordable sanitizer and oxidizer. For the past three-plus decades, however, a slew of technological advancements have led to the advent of sanitation systems known collectively as "alternative sanitizers."

These newer systems are alluring for several reasons. First, cutting down on chlorine can not only save money, doing so can also reduce disinfection byproducts like chloramines, which create the unappealing "chlorine smell" and can lead to skin and eye irritation. For aquatic facilities with widely variable bather loads, this is a big perk. Some of these systems can also provide offensive countermeasures to fight pathogens like crypto, neutralizing outbreaks before they spread.

When it comes to pool sanitation, there's no one-size-fits all solution. Here, we take a look at just a few products that offer an alternative to the traditional chlorine route:



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Hayward Pool Products
The HydroRite UVO3 advanced water treatment system is a powerful swimming pool sanitization system that releases an effective trio of disinfectants: UV, ozone and advanced oxidants. These three work synergistically to inactivate chlorine-resistant microorganisms, eliminating 99.9 percent of bacteria and reducing chloramines by 50 percent or more to eradicate harsh chlorine odors and maximize swimmer comfort, Hayward says. HydroRite UVO3 is formulated to dramatically reduce overall chemical usage and lessen total chlorine demand by 50 percent. | (908) 351-5400



Pf As Pentair Commercial 818 Sm

Pentair Commercial
The Pentair BioShield UV System helps maintain safe and efficient pool operation by providing clean water and air conditions. The low-pressure UV lamp offers up to 12,000 hours of continuous operation and reduces chlorine usage by up to 50 percent while eliminating chloramines. In addition, the unit provides instant and ongoing protection against chlorine-resistant microorganisms such as giardia and cryptosporidium. NSF-approved. | (800) 831-7133



Pf As Cm Paop 818 Sm

The DEL AOP 25 is a compact AOP sanitizer designed for pools up to 25,000 gallons. Lightweight and easy to install, AOP technology reduces chemical dependency and destroys contaminants for a clean and healthy modern pool. | (800) 733-9060



Pf As Aquastar 818 Sm

The Ultimate Ozone's corona discharge injection system disperses up to one gram of ozone per hour without relying on system pressure, which Aquastar says drastically reduces energy cost compared to traditional injection methods. Since the water is treated on the suction side, restructured contaminates can be removed by the filter rather than being returned to the pool or spa, providing lasting clean, clear and beautiful water. | (877) 768-2717



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Delta UV
Delta UV systems are designed to help purify water naturally. An environmentally friendly, plug-and-play ultraviolet disinfection system for residential pools, Delta UV helps control algae growth, reduces chemical costs and helps deactivate chlorine-resistant pathogens like cryptosporidium, the company says. | (844) 281-7626



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Thomson Tec
Thomson Tec NZ-450 copper/silver mineral purification system is for intended for pools between 15,000 and 25,000 gallons. The NZ-450 comes with a controller with digital touch pad operation and 99 settings for accurate copper levels with any filtering cycle. Thomson Tec says all models meet or exceed ETL/CSA requirements and come with a 10-year limited warranty. | (800) 646-2224



Pf As A2 Zozone 818 Sm

A2Z Ozone
A2Z Ozone generators utilize cold corona discharge to create ozone gas. When applied in swimming pools, ozone uses cell lysing to rip open bacteria cell walls from the outside. Afterward, ozone reverts back to oxygen. The SP Series is designed to integrate into swimming pool systems using the ozone-injection method. When injected through the pool line, ozone will reduce reliance on harsh chemicals by up to 95 percent. | (502) 499-4977



Pf As Clearwatertech Cd550 818 Sm

ClearWater Tech
ClearWater Tech's line of Microzone Ozone Generators (models 325 and 550) are designed with an updated corona-discharge reaction-chamber cell design. Stainless-steel-and-glass construction help the generators increase longevity and ease of service. The new look includes an extruded powder-coated aluminum cover. Other features include higher ozone output levels and a cooling fan. | (805) 549-9724



Pf As Clear Comfort 818 Sm

Clear Comfort
Clear Comfort says its hydroxyl-based advanced oxidation pool and spa sanitation system can help residential clients enjoy revitalizing and blissful water with less chlorine than drinking water. Clear Comfort systems only require one annual cartridge replacement. | (303) 872-4477


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