Unconvential Ideas, Well Executed

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Scott WebbMy hat is off to a couple of innovative marketers in this month’s issue of AQUA. Although their businesses are entirely distinct — one is a manufacturer, the other a retailer — they each found clever, low-cost solutions to the age old problem of getting customers thinking and moving in your direction with limited means at your disposal.

First we have Bullfrog Spas (see Hot Tub Monthly, page 18), who, like every single one of us, looked at the Internet and wondered, “How can we use this thing to promote our products?”

Their solution? Produce an entertaining web-based TV show that subtly promotes their spas and their brand while creating an emotional attachment with the next generation of spa buyers. How much does it cost to post a video on YouTube? Nothing!

And then we have a pool and spa retailer in Florida that moves in next door to WalMart and advertises head-to-head comparisons on pricing.

Of course, Kirsplash Pools can’t compete with Walmart on everything, but when customers see the little-retail-store-that-could battling the global behemoth on price, well, that makes an impression beyond the simple dollar difference in the ad.

Bold and canny marketing from the pool and spa industry? Yes, you heard that right. It’s just this kind of fresh thinking that can break us out of our rut.

We all have challenges in getting our message across. These stories show us how far a little creativity can take us when we are not afraid to back up our good ideas with action.

Scott Webb

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