New Pool And Spa Products For August 2011

BioGuard Pool and Spa ProductsBioGuard Pool and Spa 859-7946

BioGuard recently began shipping its new rectangular bucket design to dealers. The new bucket's easy-to-open lid is senior-friendly yet child resistant: Simply press in, lift out and raise up, says BioGuard. In addition, each bucket has a unique diamond weave molded in. This diamond weave allows for a reduction in the amount of plastic used while still maintaining strength. Less plastic means the new buckets weigh less. And the rectangular design allows for more buckets to be packed in a pallet.

PDC SpasPDC 451-1420

PDC Spas says its new FX Series of swim spas combines the best in exercise, hydrotherapy and family fun. Models range from 14 to 19 feet, including the FX-219 true Dual Zone.

Replications UnlimitedReplications 501-4306

The Urestone Collection represents the latest technology in faux-stone panels by Replications Unlimited. The panels are more realistic in appearance, more durable and provide energy savings, the company says. Urestone comes in both 2-by-4-foot and 4-by-8-foot panel sizes for easy installation, and textures are available in a variety of styles and colors.

Waterway PlasticsWaterway 981-0262

The Waterway Econo-Flo VS Variable Speed Pump has a low-amp design for maximum energy savings designed for a fast payback on investment. The built-in seven-day programmable interface is user-friendly and factory programmed to work "out-of-the-box." In addition to its quiet operation, the Econo-Flo VS has built-in SVRS, freeze protection and is compliant with all energy legislation.

Water TechWater 298-8800

Water Tech has improved its battery-powered Catfish PPV (Portable Pool Vac) cleaner with a new, handy telescoping pole. The added telescoping pole allows users to reach more places without getting into the pool water. The lightweight Catfish also offers the convenience of hose- and cord-free operation and has a high-flow vacuum motor and a rechargeable battery. The quick-start button makes this cleaner very convenient and the Max-Cone Technology compacts all the dirt so more fits in the bag. The All-Purpose filter bag is easy to empty so hands do not touch the dirt. The unit comes with a vacuum head equipped with wheels and brushes for a variety of surfaces. With a 1-inch-diameter spot-cleaning nozzle this unit can remove leaves, pine needles, sand, hair, pebbles, twigs, acorns and bugs. 737-5386

Inter-Fab introduces the X-Stream 2. The 6-foot-tall pool slide boasts an exhilarating two-turn ride with the patented Zoom Flume water-delivery system, which supplies up to 25 gallons per minute of water to increase the excitement of this high-banking, high-splash ride, says Inter-Fab. The new X-Stream 2 offers a wider, faster runway, and a larger entry section with a new water-delivery system. Computer designed for more stability and improved fit and finish, the X-Stream 2 slide assembles in either a right- or left-turn configuration and features fully molded treads to provide safe slide access. This slide can go on new or existing pools.

Bullfrog SpasBullfrog 565-8111

Bullfrog announces two new JetPaks, the ShowerMasseuse and ShowerPulse. Bullfrog's patented JetPaks are modular jetted spa seats that can be removed, interchanged, and upgraded at any time. Both new JetPaks combine Bullfrog's proprietary Shower Jets, previously available on the RainShower and StormShower JetPaks, with an additional massage sensation in the lower back area.

Canadian General-TowerCanadian 265-7872

Canadian General-Tower says its new Black Granite pattern is a "green" product because it absorbs and retains heat better than the traditional pool liner patterns on the market. The new Black Granite pattern is actually printed on black vinyl — a first for vinyl-liner patterns, says CGT. This black material has proven to absorb more sunlight than traditional blue and white vinyl-liner patterns, which keeps pool water warmer and ultimately reduces energy consumption, according to CGT. This new pattern is available through vinyl liner fabricators.

AquaChek Pool and Spa Test Strips/Hach CompanyAquaChek Pool and Spa Test Strips/Hach 567-7946

Hach Company/ETS Business Unit, the maker of AquaChek, announces the new One Minute Phosphate Test. Like other AquaChek products, it is a fast, easy and accurate tool for pool and spa professionals and owners to monitor the presence of phosphate levels. Controlling phosphate levels helps to prevent algae outbreaks. It takes just three easy steps to perform the One Minute Phosphate test: add powder pillow content to water sample, shake gently to mix, and compare to color chart. 539-8858

Crystal says its new Spyra can rotate 15 degrees from the center and can be programmed to move 360 degrees, allowing for a variety of patterns that create dazzling animation effects. When swiveling at center, the nozzle spirals and can reach heights of up to 16 feet. Multiple nozzles installed in a dry deck will amaze crowds with dancing water streams. While the nozzle is ideal for large water animation displays, it is also safe for interactive play in smaller-scale fountains when run at safe levels, Crystal says.

Pen FabricatorsPen 359-5350

Pen Fabricators introduces its Mountain Top tile — a pattern for vinyl liners that is paired with a traditional mosaic floor design. The rich colors in this pattern include a variety of deep blues with accents of copper and tan. The interlocking small paver-style tiles are interlaced to create a diamond-like pattern for a continuous tile border around the perimeter of the pool. 815-6083

Fabcote introduces the Sunmate Spillway spa — featuring a waterfall built directly into the spa. The new Spillway spa is designed to work with the pool's filtration system — providing maximum performance with minimal maintenance. Easy to install, this pre-plumbed and water-tested spa provides an easy upsell for builders and installers, Fabcote says. The Spillway spa offers a built-in, 360-degree vortex skimmer with reusable cartridge filter, 12 or 25 adjustable hydrotherapy jets, two adjustable air controls and a deep foot well.

MP IndustriesMP 875-2279

MP Industries introduces its Designer Fill-Able Lid System for water levelers. This three-part system consists of the lid with removable "easy lift" handle that allows for the builder to fill the lid with matching material to hide the lid on the deck; a ring to lift the lid to the proper deck height; and a throwaway protective cover for the handle to use while filling lid with deck material. The Designer Fill-Able Lid is offered in six colors: clear, black, white, tan, silver, and dark gray. 831-7133

The new AT-8 is the latest commercial offering from Acu-Trol Programmable Controllers, a division of Pentair Commercial Pool & Aquatics. The AT-8 is an ideal entry-level unit that can control up to eight bodies of water with one master control while offering proportional control for exact chemical dosing using a flow-cell with a built-in flow switch and sampling port. The unit controls pH, ORP, temperature and flow of all units providing increased reliability to reduce liability. The new AT-8 comes equipped with password protection for maximum security.

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