Taking Care of Fiberglass Pool Surfaces

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When covering the customer service phone line, Jonathan Davis of Thursday Pools fields a lot of problems. "Every single issue any dealer or homeowner has comes through my office," says Davis. "And after a while, you come up with some creative solutions to common problems."

Here, we take a look at seven of the most common problems paired with simple solutions β€” along with six quick tips and tricks β€” straight from Davis himself.


PROBLEM 1 β€” Dirt and debris is stuck to the pool wall during installation.

Pro tip: Use a Libman Poly Fiber Scrub Brush (found at Lowe's) because it is non-abrasive and perfect for above the waterline. Use it with acetone to remove concrete, release and sealer.





PROBLEM 2 β€” Dirt and debris is stuck to textured steps and ledges.

Pro tip: Use a simple Libman Brass Pot Brush (found at Menards or Amazon). We use a brass brush to prevent any bristles that fall off from rusting in the pool. This is used in lieu of a poly bristle brush to be more aggressive in valleys of the textured surface.





PROBLEM 3 β€” Tough dirt and debris stuck to the pool floor.

Pro tip: A Purdy 8-inch Stainless Steel Brush will do the trick. Be very, very careful with this β€” it's only if you have some major issues. You can attach an extendable pole to reach debris on the pool floor. Here, the aggressiveness of this brush is needed, as it is very difficult to transfer energy to the pool floor while standing on the concrete, brushing against the water depth in the pool. Remember, you are removing something from the surface of the pool shell, not removing the finish of the pool.





PROBLEM 4 β€” Cutting fiberglass for returns and skimmers.

Pro tip: Start new hole saws in reverse to reduce the chances of the bit slipping or grabbing. When grinding the backside, use Bad Dog Tools 4.5-inch Endless Handi Disk Deux (HDII) Diamond Wheel for Grinding, Sanding, and Cutting (available at BadDogTools.com). It easily and quickly cuts through fiberglass, and you can grind and cut with the same tool.






PROBLEM 1 β€” Restoring a fiberglass pool's shiny surface above the waterline.

Pro tip: Use Norwex ENVIROCLOTH (found on Amazon) weekly to wipe down exposed gelcoat above the waterline. No chemicals are needed. It will restore the shiny pool surface by removing the scum line.





PROBLEM 2 β€” Staining from iron, copper, rust, leaves and calcium.

Pro tip: Metal stains and calcium can be removed with muriatic acid while ascorbic acid (most commonly known as vitamin C) removes organic stains from leaves.





PROBLEM 3 β€” Automatic pool cleaners and avoiding devices that can cause damage when cleaning fiberglass pools.

Pro tip: When looking for an automatic pool cleaner to recommend to your fiberglass pool clients, recommend one that scrubs floor walls and the waterline, has a top load ultra-fine filter, and a brush plus active scrubber.

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