Roundup: Fiberglass Pool Models

July18 Pf Fiber Leisure Pools Rendered 718 Tile

Looking to add fiberglass pools to your repertoire of great backyard installations? Here are some new and popular models on the market.



Sun Fiberglass 718 Sm


Sun Fiberglass Products
This product is three Sun Fiberglass pool shells in an upgraded pacific color. It includes the Havana Model, a 15-foot round kiddie pool and an 8-foot spillover to the main pool. The deck features a travertine paver along with deck laminar jets and LED lighting. The full package includes spa jets, heaters and automation. | (606) 287-0055

16 x 40 feet w/ depth ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet



Thursday Pools 718 Sm


Thursday Pools
Thursday Pools' Aspen model comes with dual deep-end swim-outs, extended bench, large walk-in steps, a huge tanning ledge that fits two loungers and more. Like other models with built-in tanning ledges, the Aspen is available with the Backfill Eliminator, an integrated support structure that eliminates the need to backfill under the ledge and allows for a continuous slope excavation, saving installers time and headaches. | (877) 929-7665

14 x 35 x 5 ½ feet
16 x 35 x 5 ½ feet
16 x 40 x 5 5/6 feet



River Pools 718 Sm


River Pools
The Crescent Cove is a modern freeform design available in two sizes: 16-by-35-feet and 16-by-40-feet. Both sizes feature an integrated tanning ledge, spacious interior and a large deep-end bench seat. The Crescent Cove is a great fit for customers looking for a multipurpose pool with curve appeal. It also aligns well with dealers looking for a "go-to" freeform design that is easy to install. | (804) 333-9192

16 x 35 feet
16 x 40 feet



Latham 718 Sm


Latham Pool Products
The size, benches and lighting of Latham's Cocktail Pool make hosting a backyard cocktail party a breeze. Measuring 10-by-16-feet, this pool is perfect when yard space is at a premium. Also has one full-width set of steps and perimeter benches, so there is plenty of seating for guests. | (800) 833-3800

10 x 16 x 4 feet



San Juan Pools 718 Sm


San Juan Pools
The Great Lakes Model has a large tanning ledge that can accommodate multiple people. There is a bench seat in the shallow end and swim out seats in the deep end of the pool. All San Juan pools are made with hand-laid fiberglass. | (800) 535-7946

16 x 37 feet



Leisure Pools 718 Sm


Leisure Pools and Spas Manufacturing
The Ultimate is a swimming pool and spa paired with a splash deck. Made with Composite Armour technology, Leisure Pools offers a lifetime structural warranty and a lifetime structural osmosis warranty. Twenty-six designs available in 64 sizes. | (865) 219-2880

30 x 15 5/12 x 7 feet
35 x 15 5/12 x 6 1/2 feet
30 x 15 5/12 x 6 feet


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