Get Your (Water) Wings

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photo of a plane converted into a waterpark
Photos courtesy of Wings & Waves Waterpark
photo of a plane converted into a waterpark photo of a plane converted into a waterpark photo of a plane converted into a waterpark

At Wings & Waves Waterpark, you’ll find opposites attract. Located next door to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinville, Ore., the waterpark blends the worlds of aviation and aquatics for a uniquely thrilling experience.

The waterpark measures 71,350 square feet (or one and a quarter football fields) with a Boeing 747 perched on top — and yes, there are indeed slides from the Jumbo Jet to the park below.

The waterpark boasts 10 waterslides, four of which stem from the 747, a wave pool that holds more than 91,000 gallons of water, a play structure with a 300-gallon splash bucket and helicopter and a leisure pool and spa, among other features.

Yet Wings & Waves is more than a place for fun and games — the waterpark bills itself as the nation’s only educational waterpark thanks to a museum designed to teach its impressionable young patrons about the role of water in various scientific processes.

We’ll see you at the top of the slide.

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