Proposed Pool Cleans Polluted Water for Swimming

Cailley Hammel Headshot
photo of Exorcise pool

We often see the swimming pool as a source of entertainment and togetherness, but in this case, the pool is a solution to an ecological problem.

New York’s Newton Creek is three and a half miles of sewage, oil and industrial waste. Every year, more than a billon gallons of sewage and storm water is dumped in the creek. Some of that runoff water goes to the “bioswales,” or areas with cattails, algae and bulrush. The plants help absorb toxins and serve as a natural filter.

As reported by Fast Company, Architect Rahul Shah’s proposed project is the aptly named “Exorcise Pool.” The project would divert some of the runoff into a series of water treatment systems, including algae, UV light and reeds to trap solids and cleanse the water. 

“I really wanted it to be kind of a showcase of different methods of water treatment,” says Shah.

After the water is processed, the outcome is “pond-quality water,” Shah says. And from there, visitors are encouraged to dive right in. 

The project is just one innovative pool project proposed for New York; as previously reported on AQUA, the +Pool is scheduled to open in the East River in 2016. 

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