Floating Pool Wins Kickstarter Funding

Cailley Hammel Headshot
Rendering Of Floating Pool In New York's East River

Thanks to the power of Kickstarter, the designers of the +Pool have successfully met — and surpassed — their $250,000. Come 2016, you’ll find a plus-shaped swimming pool in New York’s East River.

As previously reported on AQUA, the goal of the project is to create a pool capable of filtering water from the river for swimming purposes. According to the project website, this filtration process would occur through the walls of the pool itself:

“The concentric layers of filtration materials that make up the sides of the pool are designed to remove bacteria, contaminants and odors, leaving only safe and swimmable water that meets city, state and federal standards of quality.”

“But really, we just want to be able to swim in the river,” the designers say. 

The design of the pool is also noteworthy: As its name implies, the pool is shaped like a plus sign, and it contains four pools: a children’s pool, a sports pool, a lap pool and a lounge pool. The pools can be opened independently, two can be combined lengthwise to create an Olympic-sized pool, or the whole pool can be opened for a free-for-all. 

The pool will measure 9,000 square feet and is scheduled to open in 2016, just in time for the Olympics. 

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