SeaKlear Receives Increased Backing

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SeaKlear logoHaloSource, parent company of the SeaKlear brand of water treatment products, based in Bothell, Wash., has announced a successful fund raising totaling approximately $25 million from the investment community to continue executing a strategic shift to grow its businesses worldwide. 

“It’s a fantastic validation of what we all believe in — the strength of our technology,” says Martin Coles, who was named CEO of HaloSource last November.

In part, the funding will advance the development of water treatment technologies by SeaKlear, says Kate Bovey, Marketing Director for the company. “SeaKlear has been quiet over the past year of transition but will come out loud and strong this season starting at the national show,” she says.

“With this new funding, our R&D laboratories will continue to bring the latest and greatest products to the swimming pool industry, to the benefit of pool dealers and consumers alike.” 

The SeaKlear division is just one division benefiting from the additional capital flowing into the R&D laboratories at HaloSource. The company is also utilizing its new capital to fund the planned expansion of its Drinking Water and Environmental Water business segments. The HaloSource HaloPure brand of drinking water products recently partnered with the Pentair drinking water division to bring safer drinking water to residents in Brazil. These two big players in the swimming pool and spa industry are also very large players in the drinking water segment globally.

“There is so much opportunity for water treatment globally,” says Coles. “Whether it be for recreational water treatments such as pools and spas, the treatment of water during construction, stormwater treatment or bringing clean drinking water to countries who lack access to clean water, we will continue to fund our R&D department to bring innovate products to market that conserve the precious and endangered natural resource of water.” 

“We are delighted to see such a strong showing from our investment partners,” Coles added. “Having the flexibility in our balance sheet to continue to execute against our strategy and grow the company really sets the stage for what’s to come. We are a company with immensely huge technology, and we look forward to seeing it more in the marketplace across all our businesses.”

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