Australia's Magnapool Claims Its System Can Improve Swimmer Health

rendering of Magnapool sanitizing systemA Genesis 3 Design Group founder and owner of Aquatic Consultants, Brian Van Bower is always open to learning about innovative equipment in the pool and spa industry. Right now on his own pool he is trying the MagnaPool system from Australia, which, according to the company, can assist in detoxing the body, reducing aches and pains, relieving stress and anxiety and boosting energy levels.

This can happen, MagnaPool says, because 65 percent of the world is deficient in magnesium, and studies have proven that transdermally (through the skin) absorbing magnesium chloride, which is present in MagnaPools, is one of the most effective ways for the body to maintain healthy levels of this important mineral, which is responsible for over 300 crucial enzyme reactions and cellular processes in the body.

To give this system a try, Mr. Bower first had to drain his pool, refill it and then put in magnesium chloride. "It uses an electrolytic cell, the same type of cell you use on a salt chlorine-generated pool," he says. "So the sanitizer is chlorine.

"I also changed my filter," adds Mr. Bower. "The media in my filter is currently little pieces of glass that come in a bag, and they're in a sand-filter housing."

The website offers the following explanation: The MagnaPool system naturally filters the pool water as it converts magnesium minerals into magnesium hydroxide (also known as milk of magnesia), which is so gentle that many people apply it directly to the skin to heal problem skin conditions. In the MagnaPool system, this magnesium compound acts as a natural coagulant and flocculent that filters out even the tiniest of organic impurities from your water. Without anything to feed on, bacteria simply prefer not to reside in the swimming pool. In addition, the MagnaPool Hydroxinateur generates non-synthetic chlorine in a way that mimics the production of non-synthetic chlorine that occurs within our own bodies to fight bacteria and disease.

Currently in use almost exclusively on pools in Australia, the MagnaPool system really works, according to Michael Gannon, general manager of AMIC Pools in Clontarf, Queensland, Australia. "We receive a lot of positive feedback from clients who have MagnaPools," says Gannon. "And most customers do acknowledge that they have more energy, that their Magnapool is relaxing to swim in and that they do feel less stressed.

"I have never seen cleaner water," adds Gannon. "I have never touched softer water, and I have never known a swimming pool to be so easy to maintain. The benefits and the quality of the system definitely justify the cost."

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